Hello there fellow wiki blog reader, editer, troll, admin (luckily a charismatic fair one), etcetera. You might be welcome to the first chapter of my new series of blogs, called as you can see in the title, Wich game is superior?

Here we will analyze thoughtfully with what i think are fair arguments. in this blogs you are free to argue in the comments whit anything you want, just be careful, karma admins are always looking for preys, i also ask you to avoid flame wars, if you do see one, do not continue it, just ignore it, we all know this and many other wikis are filled with...unintelligent people and this wiki has recently become a troll nest, specially since the badges/achievements have been put on.

wich games are we gonna compare? wooooooh weeeeh, the hot spots of this wiki Fallout 3 and Fallout New vegas.

now now now, before you start saying here we go again, i will TRY to be the most fair 'n' square i can with both games, i must say i have over 100 hours in both games and i have, mostly completed both in every aspect.

talking about aspects tough, here are the chapters this series is gonna be divided: (this might change during the series growht and they are not ordered)

  • Basics
  • Main mechanics
  • Small mechanics
  • Graphics
  • Plot
  • Atmosphere
  • Bugs and glitches (probably world favorite)
  • Factions!!
  • Perks!
  • Guns!
  • Hype!
  • Fanboys!
  • Difficulty/Challenge
  • The grand finale

(! denotes they might change and/or become part of another chapter, but i doubt it since i am lazy) (!! denotes a nominee for deletion)

this is all by now, please comment if you would and have a nice day while you keep waiting for HH.

Might the god cake bless you.