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Need booze? Come Here! Ain't got the caps? Check the Bulletin Board.— Roween

The Merc Lounge is the other popular restaurant of Rivet City. A bit more classy and expensive than Gary's Galley, the lounge seems agreeable enough to most customers. It is also a place to seek fortune, for the owner established an useful communication system between potential employer and merc.


Right beside Flak 'N Shrapnel's, The Merc Lounge is probably the first thing that catches the player’s attention during his visit of the market. Featuring a shining counter, not-so-damaged stools and shelves heavy with booze, along with rugs and extravagant lighting, the Lounge seems agreeable enough to lure wealthy customers. Even the not-so-wealthy is welcome, for there is a Bulletin Board offering tempting, profitable mercenary work.


The Merc Lounge was founded a few months after Gary’s Galley. Ever since Roween Niebes set her lounge in the Rivet City Market, she has done her best to steal Gary’s customers and crush competition. She obviously failed as Gary’s Galley is still operational. Thankfully The Merc Lounge attracted a few outsiders and remained equal in success to the other restaurant of the market.



  • Rick Springfield
  • Mr.Error
  • Invictus


  • Dylan
  • Dexter the ghoul
  • V-2242, a reprogrammed Mister Gutsy


Category Food Beverages
Consumable Items

Related Quests

A Merc life: The PC can interact with the Bulletin Board to obtain a “note from an employer”. The note states that a random NPC from one of the major settlement of the game (such as Megaton or Underworld) need someone to either slay a creature or kill a generic NPC. The target depends on the player’s level, along with the reward in caps.

Food poisoning: The PC can trigger this quest by mentioning Gary’s Galley to the owner of The Merc Lounge. He/She can then agree to put poison in the fridge at Gary’s Galley or betray Roween by either alerting the authorities or poisoning her own inventory.


  • V-2242 is basically a killing machine trying to be a Mister Handy.
  • If Roween dies, Dylan will take her place as bartender and the Bulletin Board won't be available anymore.
  • Invictus will be found glancing at the Buleltin Board all day. Whenever the PC attempts to talk to him, the game states that he is busy.
  • Dexter the ghoul will make various comments if the PC wears the Ghoul mask, such as:
    • "Well? How does it feel like, being one of us?"
    • "AAH! Jesus Christ! Don't startle me like that!"
    • "Sharp knife... Oh, hey, nice mask bro."