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The Howling, the L.A. branch of The Thorn, is a large cave on the western shore near the ruins of Los Angeles. It is where Joey the ghoul reorganized the place to host an arena and some cages. There is also a crowd of bettors and a few guards.



There is a buoy outside, easy to spot due to the bright white lighting reflecting on the metallic door. Said door itself is up the cliff side, with some catwalks leading to it. There are some Mirelurks in the water down below, but it is easy to avoid confrontation by sneaking. A few signs can be seen outside the buoy. On them are written some sentences inviting the player inside. “Come in, and enjoy the carnage!”, one says.


Inside there is a long tunnel that leads you to the larger part of the cave, where a natural pit formed. Catwalks are installed all around it, supporting the weight of the crowd of bettors. Standing on the higher part of the catwalks is Joey, shouting the name of the creatures and commenting the fights. The cages around found deeper in the caves, hosting a few non-hostile creatures.


  • Joey
  • Bettors
  • Player’s pets

Related quests

  • Animal Control: The player can fight creatures to earn money, set custom fights, or make his pets fight against Joey’s pets.


The Howling appears in no games at all.