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This page is a part of the Fallout: The Apprentice contest. It should not be confused with in game content.
During the last centuries, a lot of people have tamed creatures from the Wasteland, and these tamers have passed down their knowledge to their fellow men. You heard about the tale of The AntAgonizer and Enclave deathclaws. Why not lead your own army of beasts?


Taming is used to recruit a large range of creatures, which means said creatures have a lot more practical value. Taming covers the creation of custom pet food with the Survival skill and custom tamer tools with the Repair skill. Each creature has its specific type of food. The recipes are unlocked as the player’s survival skill is honed.

At level 40 survival, the player unlocks the possibility to have 2 pets following.

Big pets such as Deathclaws, Doomjaws and Yao Guais can be mounted.

Craftable Items List

Pet Food

Pet food is used to make the creatures non-hostile toward the player.

Name Skill Requirement Produced on Items needed

Gecko Food Survival: 10 Campfire

Roach Food Survival: 10 Campfire

Molerat Food Survival: 20 Campfire
Ant Food Survival: 20 Campfire
Dog Food Survival: 30 Campfire
Bighorner Food Survival: 40 Campfire
Feral Ghoul food Survival: 50 Campfire
Feral Ghoul food Survival: 50 Campfire
Scorpion food Survival: 60 Campfire
Mirelurk food Survival: 70 Campfire
Big Pet Food Survival: 80 Campfire

Tamer tools

These tools are meant to make creatures acknowledge the player as their master. Taming lesser creatures such as radroaches or molerats doesn’t require these tools, but creatures with stronger jaws require a muzzle and creatures featuring arms or pincers require cuffs.

Name Skill Requirement Produced on Items needed
Muzzle Repair: 20 Workbench
Cuffs Repair: 50 Workbench

Taming requirements

Below are listed the levels and items required to tame each type of creature. Some creatures sharing similarities (for example dogs and coyotes being both canines) are tamed with the same type of food.

Name Skill Requirement Items needed
Gecko Survival: 10
  • 1 Gecko Food
Radroach Survival: 10
  • 1 Radroach food
Mole rat Survival: 20
  • 1 Molerat Food
Giant ant Survival: 20
  • 1 Ant Food
Dog/Coyote Survival: 30
  • 1 Dog Food
  • 1 Muzzle
Bighorner Survival: 40
  • 1 Bighorner Food
  • 1 Muzzle
Golden gecko Survival: 40
  • 3 Gecko Food
  • Muzzle
  • Cuffs
Nightstalker Survival: 50
  • 3 Dog Food
  • 1 Muzzle
Feral ghoul/Feral ghoul roamer Survival: 50
  • 3 Feral ghoul Food
  • Cuffs
Radscorpion Survival: 60
  • Cuffs (2)
Mirelurk/Mirelurk hunter Survival: 70
  • 3 Mirelurk food/ 7 Mirelurk food
  • Cuffs (2)*
Fire gecko Survival: 70
  • 5 Gecko Food
  • 2 Muzzle
Feral ghoul reaver/Glowing one Survival: 70
  • 6 Feral Ghoul Food
  • Cuffs (2)
Giant radscorpion Survival: 70
  • 3 Scorpion Food
  • 4 cuffs
Yao guai Survival: 80
  • 1 Big pet Food
  • 2 Muzzle
Doomjaw Survival: 80
  • 3 Big pet Food
  • 3 Muzzle
Deathclaw Survival: 100
  • 5 Big pet Food
  • 4 Cuffs

Interractions with pets

Tamed creatures will act like companions, much like Rex from Fallout: New Vegas. The only difference is that they will have to be sheltered at a price and they will need to be fed every once in a while in Hardcore mode. A notification warning the player that his/her pet is hungry will appear in the top left corner of the screen. If the creature is starving, it may:

  • Attack the player.
  • Leave the player, search for food, then go to The Howling.
  • Die of starvation.

Dismissing a pet

Any dismissed pet will go to The Howling, the L.A. branch of The Thorn. They will be fed and watched over by a ghoul named Joey. If the player wants to retrieve a pet, he/she has to either pay the fee or fight alongside his chosen creature to allow it out of the cages.