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Saving little sister is the first quest involving combat, hacking, lockpicking and crafting.

Quick walkthrough

Main Quest: Saving little sister
Your sister left a message on your bed.
She left for the sewers nearby. There may be danger there. Go after her before she gets hurt.
You defeated a bunch of raiders and met a Jet addict named Dan. He will accompany you while you search for your missing sister.
Dan told you about the flood in the sewers. You will have to hack the terminals to lower the water level.
You found Lotus, your sister’s gecko. You will have to tame it in order to make it cooperate and help find Valerica.
You got warned about Doomjaws and been given the schematics to build Taser boxes. Use the items to make one by interacting with the nearby workbench.
Defeat Henshaw by throwing your Taser box in the water in wich he stands.
Lotus doesn’t seem to be able to detect his former mistress. She is not in the sewers anymore. Proceed to the exit ladder nearby.
Reward: 500 experience points, Dan as a companion, Lotus as a pet.
Next Quest: Your princess is in another sewer.

Detailed walkthrough

The sewers

As soon as the player enters the sewers, he will be greeted by an addict saying he was smuggled by one of the raider gang. He will warn the player about danger, then yell “get him!” as the player walks away. Raiders will come rushing and gun blazing, only to be killed by the player and Dan, who decided to join the fight and help the main character.

The search

Upon further exploration, a growl will be heard through the sewage system, making Dan entering dialogue to talk about Doomjaws and the water level problem.

Perk wild wastelandThe following is based on the Wild Wasteland trait and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Players with the Wild Wasteland trait will be warned by a weird man named Liam, wearing trousers and a baseball cap, that there is a huge doomja’ up ahead and that he needs cave fungus in order to gain the powers needed to defeat the “evil lizard king”. The Wild Wasteland icon will appear once the mushroom addict will be in sight, denoting the beginning of a Wild Wasteland event.

If given cave fungus, he will be seen throwing a grenade at Henshaw during the fight, only to be killed by the doomjaw’s bite.

Perk wild wastelandEnd of information based on the Wild Wasteland trait.

The part up ahead are flooded and the terminals need to be hacked in order to progress. Reaching the terminal, the player will encounter Lotus, Valerica’s gecko. The taming tutorial will start, making Lotus the player’s first pet. Upon taking care of the flood proplem, Dan will mention an invention of his designed to kill them. He will give the Taser box schematics to the player and urge them to create one in case they have to face the doomjaw. The components needed for the weapon are under lock in a nearby tool cabinet.

The beast

The next objective is acquired upon witnessing Zela, a madwoman, sacrificing a crippled raider named Chris to a young doomjaw named Henshaw seemingly trapped in a cylindrical pit in the sewers . Dan will tell the player they have to kill it. If he/she starts shooting the creature, Dan will add : “No, no, not that way, just throw the Taser box in the water down below. It’ll kill it pronto.” After killing the beast, Zela will be heard yelling “Ha! That was too easy to kill, eh? No experience points for you, dummy!”, that statement being the first time she breaks the 4th wall. Indeed, there is no experience earned after killing Henshaw the doomjaw. Lotus will then sniff the air and shake his head, making the current objective complete. The quest will be finished once the player exists the sewers.

The quest “Your princess is in another sewer” will start after that.

Quest stages

1 Read Valeria’s message.
2 Go to the sewers.
3 Search for your sister.
4 Tame Lotus.
5 Hack the terminal.
6 Pick the lock of the nearby tool cabinet in order to retrieve the Taser Box components.
7 Create a Taser box.
8 Kill Henshaw.
9Quest finishedIcon checkExit the sewers.


  • 500 experience points.
  • Dan as a companion
  • Lotus as a pet.

Behind the scenes

  • The name of the quest is a reference to the movie Saving Private Ryan.
  • Liam and the quest "Your princess is in another sewer" are references to Super Mario Bros.