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I’m so blue is a Fallout New Vegas side quest. Mr. Las Vegas, the former radio host of Radio New Vegas, is trying to get back his post and earn the love of the Mojave again.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: I’m so blue
Something happened to Mr. New Vegas. Learn about his whereabouts by talking to Mr. House/Yes-man.
Mr. New Vegas is located beneath the Yangtze Memorial. Go to the nearby abandoned shack and find the lever to access Mr. New Vegas’ secret bunker.
You encountered Mr. Las Vegas in the shack. He told you about his story and his plan. He asks for your help.
A barrier is blocking the door leading to Mr. New Vegas. Deactivate it by hacking the nearby terminal, rewiring the bunker's generator or throwing a Pulse Grenade to deactivate the barrier emitter.
Talk to Mr. New Vegas.
Mr. New Vegas refuses to give up the job.
Side with Mr. New Vegas and convince Mr. Las Vegas to leave(or kill him).
Side with Mr. Las Vegas and convince Mr. New Vegas to leave(or terminate him).
Convince either one into partnership with his rival.
Kill them both.
Reward: 1200 XP, 1000 caps, Viva Old Vegas.

Quest stages

1 Discover what happened to Mr. New Vegas.
2 Go to Yangtze Memorial.
3 Disable the barrier.
4 Talk to Mr. New Vegas.
5 Convince either Mr. New Vegas or Mr. Las Vegas to leave OR convince them to be partners OR end the quest with a double murder.


  • 1200 experience points.
  • 1000 bottlecaps.
  • Viva Old Vegas, an unique hunting revolver.
    • Gun features: Plays the sound of cards getting spread when drawing it
    • Plays the sound of a slot machine jackpot on a kill
    • 2,2% chance player gets "bust" and take damage


  • If player tells Mr. Las Vegas to give up, he will be found hanging around Lone Wolf Radio and there will be a new radio station available for the player, Radio Old Vegas. Nothing will change at Radio New Vegas, except that Mr. New Vegas will occasionaly make a comment about the event.
  • If the player tells Mr. New Vegas to give up, Mr. Las Vegas will be the new host and will say the same lines as he'd say on Radio Old Vegas, except he won't display hatred toward his nemesis. Instead, he will mock him.Mr. New Vegas will be found hanging around Lone Wolf Radio under the name of Radiobot and there will be a new radio station available for the player, Bot's Radio.
  • If the player convinces both parties to work together, Mr. Las Vegas will be the co-host of Radio New Vegas and will sometime attempt to sabotage his partner's efforts only to meet failure. Mr. New Vegas will accept to work with the ghoul and will deal with his vengeful actions.
  • If Mr. Las Vegas is killed, Mr. New Vegas will be somewhat disappointed to see you resort to violence.
  • If Mr. New Vegas is destroyed, Mr. Las Vegas will be happy to get rid of the "flying tin can".
  • If the player kills them both, Radio New Vegas will no longer be available.