Hello to everyone who may read this! I have recently come across a bit of news shared at for a fan made Fallout racing game. So I shall be directly posting all that was posted there, here, hopefully successfully and without screwing anything up or posting it in the wrong area or ... anything wrong/hang-me-terrible.

Hello, everyone. I've been throwing together a quick game over the past couple days, and although it is very basic at the moment, I figured the theme might interest some people.

Our goal was to throw together a Fallout Themed racing game in as little time as possible, and so far we're feeling pretty good about how fast it's progressing.

So far there are 2 cars to choose from, and we are currently focusing on finishing up the first map and beginning play-testing this week. Here are some screenshots of the current art assets I threw together over the last couple days:


Aside from the invisible steering wheels, I think it's coming along quite nicely.

We'd love to hear your suggestions for items and the like or any other comments on it below!

As I said earlier, we're beginning play-testing soon, so feel free to let us know if you want to participate, and if we think you're a cool guy we'll screw around with it together.

I decided to only post one picture here from the original thing because apparently this didn't want me posting anymore than that without failing. So if you wish to see more, I encourage just visiting this little place here -