Fallout: Where to Go Next

Ever sense I put nearly 150 hours in New Vegas,(and Skyrim for that matter) I have been thinking where the next Fallout will be heading, and if they will use the same graphics engine as Skyrim, or take a a whole different rout. Graphics wise, as long as the do an update and don't pull a New Vegas where the gave us a very large texture pack. Don't get me wrong, I loved New Vegas; but when I heard that the game had most of the same graphics as Fallout 3 with few updates, I was disappointed. Though the game was greatly improved with the addition of hardcore mode, I still wished they did more with the game. But now that we've seen Skyrim's new amazing graphics, I know that the new Fallout will get an update as well. Well anyway, now onto WHERE Fallout will go. Although there has been a poll going on as I write this about where Fallout will go in North America, I thought about only one place that Fallout should go; England. It would be a great change from scenery for the desert like land scape of the USA due to the fact they were not bombed as hard as we were. They also speak English, so language would not be a problem. Plus, there are plenty landmarks in England that are recognizable to anyone in the world, so that is also not an issue. Overall, I think England is a great place to host the next Fallout game. But, no one but Bethesda knows where this game is heading. I just hope they take us somewhere good.