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  • Nowforfeit

    I think everyone knows that next dlc will be including ED-E upgrades.

    What do you think those upgrades will be?

    I'm thinking...

    • increased Inventory weight limit?
    • install melee attack function? :)
    • recharge your drained energy cells with very high efficiency?

    (or just turn drained cells into new one-I know this sounds OP)

    • get a voice? (Maybe Like bumblebee using only Enclave radio, that would be so cool)
    • etc..

    Well I didn't write this post to tell you what I think.. I want your ideas

    What upgrades do you expect from the next dlc?

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  • Nowforfeit

    Have you ever played Mass Effect 2?

    You had the option to import previous save files from is prequel Mass Effect 1(or Mass Effect 2 itself). it was good to keep my character for my next gameplay. Wouldn't it be cool if next fallout had the same option? you know, after beating the game, you definitely want to play again + you don't want to completely lose your character.

    For example, you will keep your character's name, SPECIAL(including your implants) and you might get to choose some traits or perks you had previously. ofcourse your level should go back to 1.

    If you ever played Mass Effect 1,2 you might know how things work and what i'm talking about

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