I've done it! Git sucked in to my old love for Fallout New Vegas once again! I love it! I have come to enjoy different builds and starting a new game is the best part of Fallout games. Hindsight is 20/20 they say so here are a few starting thoughts.

  From the start having all 3 add-on packs is well worth the investment. The Caravan, Mercenary, and Tribal packs + the Couriers Stash and GRA add-ons are the way to go!

From the start building your character and choosing your S.P.E.C.I.A.L perks and tag skills and are some thoughts 7 to Strength. While I used to dump all points to Strength for the inventory weight, consider this...with the add-ons Lonesome Road and Old World Blues, Lonesome Road's end, you get to spend a point on strength with the first and then KEEP your SPINELESS Perk fro OLD World Blues( Instead of the Reinforced Spine Perk swap out that allows +2 Strength stick w/ the Spineless offering +1 strength AND immunity to your torso being crippled.) See b/c you gotta remember Dr. Unisagi at the New Vegas clinic offers the Strength IMPLANT(+1 Strength) BOOM! 10 Strength over time so be patient. Next Perception I like to attempt to get this, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, and Agility to at least six points to each usually robbing Luck all the way to 1 point to Luck. Endurance is the most important while Charisma is the least...BUT w/o 6 points to it, at least eventually, you CAN'T unlock the Animal Friend perk(a fav. of mine) Needless to say leaving it to 5 points is a good idea so all you need is an IMPLANT to raise it to 6. Still, Luck is ONLY important for Fortune Finder perk and can get built up to 5 easier than you realize. Endurance is essential for Strong Back and Burden to Bear perks as well as the Implant GRX superb perk and the number of Implants you can buy at the clinic. Also the Damage Threshold you gain is nice too. Intelligence checks in dialog are very common and I haven't noticed it really but it claims to have an effect on the number of skill points to distribute. So it is third on my list of importance. Perception and Agility are about equal to me, BUT they both MUST be at 6 to unlock the Light Step perk(a real awesome and useful perk) I try to get those implants later as soon as possible. The skills I tag are Lockpick, Repair, and either Barter or Survival depends on how long I want to hold out for the Travel Light perk req. 45 survival and remember the Lone Wolf Radio trailer has a Wasteland Survival Guide skill book to pile on that skill rather close by at the start. However Barter is much more useful and even has a check in dialog w/ Chet to help take on the Powder Gangers...and get xp from. Finally I usually go with the Hoarder and Trigger Discipline or Wild Wasteland Perk, the later is the differnce between two amazing weapons the YC-186 Gauss Rifle or the Alien Blaster so I choose my preference for different builds, other wise Heavy Handed is another choice I prefer. Well this is part one of a sereis of blogs I want to share and hear feedback and stories about. The next will be starter exploration for loot you normally wouldn't figure, but helps out building caps or just to have in your inventory early in the game and feel awesome about! Since the first few characters you made may have missed these luxuries right under their noses. I love sharing! Much Love. Now the screen has gone dim from idleness on my Fallout:NV current I'll just be playing my newest build herefor a while and take a break w. blog #2 in a bit! Thanks for reading. Feel free to share your views!

Blog #2: Of course once Doc Mitchell turns you loose, you take everything that ain't nailed down! Try to lay off grabbing anything under 2 caps value as if you follow my sugestion you won't want to waste time or inventory space on those things. If you have the hoarder perk then grabbing enough to make 160 lbs is plenty easy. Otherwise it is easy to get overencumbered by your next stop. Don't forget to tag Repair skill in the build to repair the 9mm SMG on the crate next to the chemistry set! With the add-ons you should have 5 weapons repair kit's it will take three after you originally repair it the first time to almost perfect condition! A perfect ace up your sleeve this early in the game! Before going to Sunny Smiles for the tutorial quests head to Victor's shack. Checking every mail box on the way! Inside, grab the weapons repair kit, the ammo boxes stuff, and 3 fission Batteries. (sometimes the oven also has a pilot light) In the bathroom is also some Abraxo cleaner to add to the lot you loot from Doc Mitchell's. Nothing else in there matters much. If you hit the school house early the pair of mantis outside won't be there for the xp so just hold up on that until the By the Campfire quest. Next if your overencumbered go to Chet at the General store and sell what you got to bring down your weight and MAKE SURE to buy A SHOVEL...for later. You'll see. Now start the tutorials w/ Sunny for xp and caps of course and worry only about Gekco HIDES worth 10 caps and pass over the meat worth 4 caps but less with starter Barter. Don't want to weigh down with it. If your lucky the Gecko's will kill a settler w/ an outfit worth 62 caps...sometimes she fends them off though. Whatever the case get the by the campfire quest from Sunny, and be tasked w/ gathering the xander root and broc flower. From that point cross the road, and head up the hill-side until you come to some Coyote's, kill them for more xp and go through the entrance to Goodsprings Cave. Inside are 3-4 Coyotes and some pup's. More xp! almost level 2 at this point, after disposing the Coyotes look to the back of the cave, search out a Bright Brotherhood ghoul and two prospector's corpses. The ghoul will have energy cells and either a Laser or Plasma pistol OR if you luck out a medium cond. Recharger Rifle(a great starter weopon though hard to aim and weak in V.A.T.S. it has unlimited ammo and recharges swiftly) It is worth like 100+ caps. The two prospectors, 1 male the other one a female are also loaded w/ various weapons and aid and misc of medium to high(at that point in the game) value. Then there's a duffle bag next to the woman with even more valuable loot. Exit the cave (and if you haven't done this already) go buy a shovel from Chet (16 caps) This will open graves. Now from either the cave or Goodsprings Cemetery look and spy a GIANT TALL CROSS EDIFCE. This is the Yangtze Memorial. Go first to it's right to a hidden gorge called THE DEVILS GULLET (you can locate it by finding the downed and torn up chainlink fences). Kill all the Coyotes, and reach level 2 already! skill points and perk you know the joys. Any how climb down the truck bridge into the gorge and look in the far bathtub for some HYDRA then loot the ammo boxes, lastly look for a wooden box with empty Sunset Saspirilla bottles and find a Sunset Sasspirilla Star Bottle Cap. (Now later you'll see this early in the game it's better than the first usually found inside Jean's Skydiving) Now after doing all that, walk up the stairs on the side of the Yantgze memorial facing Goodsprings Cemetery. Look to the right and there is a HOLLOWED OUT ROCK with a PEACE SIGN drawn on it in white. Sometimes it's empty but when it's not it contains plentiful loot! From there look more up to the right and see 3 graves the outer to are usually empty, not always but normally they are empty. The center grave is the JACKPOT! I have looted everything from a 400+ caps worth PLASMA RIFLE to a FLAMER or INCINERATOR worth 300+ caps...all sorts of various ammo and high value misc. items to even outfits!) Now look to the left of the entrance stairs and see the abandoned shack. Hug the direction right to the broad side of that shack to avoid attracting the attention of GIANT RADSCORPIONS, the hardest and most VENEMOUS of radscorpions! Other wise they gang up on you almost always in three's, and it's DUH-NUH-NUN-NA-NA! Easily they destroy a level 2 character add-on weapons stash advantage or not! So hug side of the shack, hop over the rocks to the left and hug the front to the door. Inside is a NINE IRON golf club, a Lads Life, a first aid box, a machette, and a bed for rest if a scorpion got at ya'! Also some random ammo and misc. & aid items! Exiting the shack pipboy up as fast as you can to fast travel swiftly to Goodsprings...if it says you can't because enemies are nearby...BOOK IT to the Memorial or far back to the Devils Gullet or road-side as fast as you can! To avoid the unevenly matched GIANT RADSCORPIONS! Now go to the school for the loot inside, the xp mantis kills, and of course the xander root. Here's a quick tip...hack the terminal first BUT DON'T disengage the lock, rather ALSO lockpick the lock on the safe for twice the xp! If you pick the lock first though, the terminal will be shut down. Well whatever you do now head up the long way to the cemetery looting all the mailboxes, and hit the trailer directly behind the store, which has a Meeting People skill mag and 2 sensor modules in there and a bed that's cool to sleep in. Now the walk up the hill to the cemetery...y'know the drill bark scorpion, easy w/ add-on pack caravan shot gun, then switch to wussy, in game, varmint rifle for some bloatflys. Rob the graves, grab the snowglobe, pick up Benny's distinguished cigarette butts, and pick the broc flower. Fast-travel to Goodsprings source make the healing powder and Sunny says go visit Trudy. Now before you do, talk to Barton Thorn, agree to help his girlfriend up on the ridge back to the right, kill the gecko's and disarm the bear traps(more xp!) Loot the fridge, foot locker, ammo box, and dead body. Turn around to find Barton Thorn admit to ambushing you with a lie, defend yourself and pop Barton and loot him too. Go back to Goodsprings talk to Joe Cobb and then Trudy. Get info on Ringo and Benny then offer to fix her radio(with that tagged repair skill!) Fix it right away stop Trudy before she leaves tell her it's fixed, get caps, pass barter check, get more caps, bada bing badda boom! Proceed w/ Ghostown Showdown quest. Now before going to Ringo, stop in on Chet, wake his price gouging punk-ass up, sell your valuable loot for one thing and one thing only, well four things and more ammo and skill mags, really. The GRA add-on will have Chet, with a PLASMA PISTOL(GRA) and usually all 3 weapons mods for it one for damage, one for ammo recyling, one for projectile speed. Sometimes he doesn't have them all at once but he carries them all before you leave Goodsprings at some point. Mod the shit all up! This gun is the super total pimp-shit on human enemies carrying you all the way to Novac, really. One shot in V.A.T.S. or just point and shoot, and Powder Gangers, Primms Convicts, and Jackal Gang punks are through or even better goo! Trust me this Plamsma Pistol is worth the 240 something caps...also the mods worth the trade of the bad-ass loot you must have at this point. K, go meet Ringo in the Gas Statin, learn about the game caravan and tell him you'll help, and get Sunny and the town to help. After this look under his Bed for a floor safe (EASY) lockpick. Loot it for a score of niceties. Then the sack in the corner for more niceties(Ringo only cares about his ammo under the counter cash register. A carton of cigarettes, next them is all you though! the back isle of the station has a bottle of Whiskey and a Fission Battery, the front isle, Boxing Times skill mag, doctors bag, and random dumb shit. The crates full of Sunset Sassparilla and you are outta there! Wait till noon...Tell Sunny, she says she's in, pass Speech check on Trudy(use Meeting People if you need from earlier) She rounds up the town. Go use Barter check on Chet he armors up you and the town, go ask Doc Mitchell, he gives you Stimpaks. (ALso your level 3 by now, so chances are you have 25 Science and can use the Chem set for to make either drugs or 5 more Stimpaks) Go back to Ringo tell him you're all set, prompting Sunny to come in and tell you time to fight! NOW. By this point usually for me, if he hasn't already, Malcom Holmes, will interrupt you(once he did this in the middle of the Powder Ganger battle! I mean come on dude! geeze.) He will tell you about Sunset Star Sasspirilla Caps.(remember from the Devil's Gullet) After going through all the dialog choices he will slowly start to walk off. If you stop him you can trade he does trade with 160-200 caps to burn on your stuff. Never has much though if you like Turbo here is a good chance to score some early on. After doing business with he begins to walk off. Go into V.A.T.S. on him and shoot him in the back of the head! Loot (and this is important) his Roving Trader Hat and Outfit (+5 Barter each when worn) and 6 Sunset Sasspirilla Star bottle caps he has on him. (his small inventory is sometimes still on him too. The best part is you won't lose any karma. Once I did this in front of Trudy and heard her remark "he probably deserved it, I guess." Now that you have this hat/outfit you have +10 Barter every time you wear it for trading...this and a Salesman Weekly will net you +20 Barter! And you're only level 3! Fight the Powder Gangers loot them Ringo gives you 100 caps Trudy pay face value...I like to buy all her liquor and then trade down to her last cap. Go finish up selling with Chet and it's off to Primm! The next in this series of blogs will expose a game plan of exploration and loot before you even go to Primm...I never knew about these tricks in the next blog until I did some careful exploring recently...and you might not have thought to go about it my way, so wrapping up, this blog...thanks for reading hope for your feedback! Blog #3 is on the way, but for now I'm going to go play...some more Fallout:NV! Blog part 3: Now it's off to Primm...but before that, you can do some scavenging and exploring on the route. Follow the road out of Goodsprings to the end and find Jean Skydiving shack. Kill both Powder Gangers behind the shack and loot them for NCR money, ammo, misc aid items, dynamite, and 9mm pistols. JUST don't get to loaded down with crap yet! The next level of loot you don't normally score at this point in the game will soon be revealed! Go in the shack grab the key on the desk to the locker and Sunset Sasspirilla star cap. Not much in there but take what looks like it'll sell. From the shack head down the side of the road, towards Primm, through the ruble. At the trailer ahead watch out for satchel charges on the ground and creep around to the back, up the plank onto the roof and kill the both Powder Gangers, find similar loot on these guys and sleep in the bed inside the trailer if needed or use the campfire if desired. By now it should be getting dark. Cross the road from there and head up the steep rocky hillsides, killing Geckos in the way, hug the hillside to the top towards Primm and discover Lone Wolf Radio trailer. Inside is a Wasteland Survival Guide, 2 sensor modules, 1 fission battery, plus single caps on the floor towards the bed in the back. Think that's the most valuble loot you'll see before the adventure in Primm? It isn't. However, you've probably already leveled up again at this point from Gecko's and Powder're about level 4 now! So go back to the road INTO Primm, killing Geckos all the way back down, and the road NCR guard will stop you and you question his punk ass until he says go talk to the Lt. in the NCR occupied zone of Primm. Go yap with him if you care and from his tent turn instead to the left of the map instead of head into Primm. Up the winding hill come to a turned over trailer truck...inside 3 boxes with 3-4 frag grenades in each 1 (150+ caps each, at face value.) Before heading further up to the Canyon Wreckage site to discover, hug the hillside to the left of Canyon Wreckage. Up this short path is a recessed pit in the side of the mountain. A lone Coyote will stand at the top of the pit, dispatch with it. Go into the small pitt and find a dead NCR soldier with much better loot than you've seen thus far, and worth a bundle AT THIS POINT in the game a JACKPOT to bring to trade with Johnny Nash in Primm! If you feel the loot isn't good enough, IF you save just before you go to the pitt and reload the game and search the NCR trooper again he may have different EVEN better loot. As a LEVEL 4 courier I've found semi decent cond. Service rifles, 10mm SMGs, to NCR Mantle Armor worth (60+ caps). There are 2 ammo boxes with a sweet score of unseen ammo thus far in the game until there. The weirdest part of this loot find you walk away you hear a scream and turn around as another NCR body falls next to the first! For some unknown reason? This soldier has the best loot so far! Armor worth 120+ caps, and better weapons than you have usually...unless you've got all the gear add-on packs. So loot him and slowly stroll up out of the pit again. ONLY this time, no doubt, OVER-ENCUMBERED! Figure out how you are gonna fix that. I usually stroll slowly up the way to discover Canyon Wreckage...fight the 3-4 Coyotes and pups, while still over-encumbered, (I just use from the add-on pack's, the Broad Machete, to fend them off!) Now at the Canyon Wreckage (also a gateway entrance into the DLC add-on Lonesome Road) there is a duffle bag with more loot and an empty suitcase. This will store some items you can't bear to drop to be able to move and you can use fast travel right back up to the Canyon Wreckage! This is all the loot you'd need to buy out all of Nash's caps, and trade down for goods, on the first encounter you get w/ him in the Vicki & Vance Casino to start the Primm quest adventure and track Benny in the process. All before even looting the Bison Steve Hotel/ the V&V casino. I suggest (by now almost if not level 5) from the very start in Goodsprings, with this foresight from my hindsight, to TAG the skill LOCKPICK to it's highest at Doc Mitchell's...and build it up to 55(skill level) by level 4 or 5. Use your perk on level 4 to choose COMPREHENSION perk. This gives a double skill bonus(+20 skill level) temporarily from skill magazines AND gives an extra skill point from skill books!(That's 4 skill points, say like from that Survival skill book, you picked up earlier.) You may not realize but it's a great advantage and makes looking for or creating a workbench skill book worth it! That's almost 5 extra points to a skill! Not bad, but the double bonus is whatcha need here now. Since in the first room around the corner from the entrance of the hotel...has a floor safe with a hard(75 lockpick) lock. Normally unthinkable at a level 4-5 courier. Inside it is a bunch of stuff caps, drugs, ammo, aid, and (MOST IMPORTANTLY) the unique .357 magnum revolver LUCKY(1499 caps face value). A real treasure so early in the game it's MADNESS! Use the locksmith reader Sunny Smiles gives you to knock this hard safe out! If you hurry you can cross the street to the V&V casino. (this is why you finish the quest and reprogram Primm Slim to be Sheriff first) It will be empty and nobody will be the wiser if you hurry, after scoring Lucky at Bison Steve's, you CAN make it to the HARD locked safe behind the cashiers counter for the XP gain and various contents! YES ON THAT SAFE YOU WILL LOSE KARMA, but not too much. The trick here is to clear the NCR deserter squatters out first so they don't hold you up before your locksmith's reader wears off. But it's only if you are feeling "LUCKY"! (get it?) Anyway loot the V&V casino carefully as every thing has a karma penalty...the only thing other than the safes, to grab, is the COMBAT KNIFE(265 caps face value) stuck into a roulette table, in the roulette tables side room, on the right side of the casino. Yup! I always steal it. Like, THAT GUN(999 caps face value), inside the Dinky Dinosaur gift shop store room, with the Isotope filled Rocket Souvenirs(Come Fly With Me quest) in Novac...something you can't help but steal! It's a must! Karma shmarma. Anyhow that's just a suggestion and some exploration for normal high value loot for the level 4-5 courier. I think that'll wrap up Blog three on the From the Start blog series...Blog 4 is a trick if all that just isn't good enough...I tried this little stunt and it worked nicely. Look for it below.

Blog 4...Precarious Precociousness. So like I said earlier your way to Primm can be sidetracked to the Canyon Wreckage, the entrance to the Lonesome Road DLC. It is STRONGLY recommended to take this DLC on no earlier than at level 25-30 courier(you can return to the Mojave at anytime during this particular DLC.) guessed it...all this talk about abnormal scavenging at such a low level...I still wanted to see how much loot & caps boosting I could manage for my level 4 courier! You enter and complete The Reunion intro quest, Next a new quest is added. Now add-on gear packs or not those Sentry Bots are to formidable of a foe to take on at level 4 right? That is if you don't pick up the 1000+ caps value Arc Welder in the room with ED-E in it. This weapon REALLY kills high risk Sentry Bots in seconds. I'll describe a detailed level 4 courier walkthrough later on in Precarious Precociousness later this week...but I'll tell you this at the end of the farthest point I could complete in the DLC...I was already level 8 with 33000+ caps, kick-ass weapons unheard of for that point of return, to return to little ol' Primm with which to proceed on the main story mission... kicked ass needless to say. So follow my blog here for a good strategy with the level 4 courier up against the first 2 quest segments, I call it an impasse by the quest The Job. Then return to the Mojave at level 8 (from level 4) filthy rich and better armed...I'm talking 12.7mm pistol-Assault Caribene-Tri-beam laser-Trail Caribene-Riot Shotgun-Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun-Red Glare armed baby! PLUS all Riot Geared and Helmeted and U.S.Combat Armor geared up! So follow my lead(and blog) for more next time on this two parter. MUCH LOVE fallout fans.