The Beauty of War War its self is nothing new to ours on this planet, we all have experience it in every way known to man. It has many parts for it to become a beautiful and tragic moment in life, but the people who get hit always stand up and get back on their feet and fight once more for their beliefs. These people are friends, family and even neighbors, who fight for freedom and protection for everyone. War is history, and forgetting it is nothing for these people to forget. Everyone learns about art of war and contribute to the fact that it can cause harm to people, but still do it, for their beliefs. The voices of government choose to fight to protect their nation and destroy others nations and be in triumph for the centuries to come. People are the voice of the world and nothing less; together they can change anything to show their powers and how to run a perfect government. Even children can take a stand for their country and show how the youth and elder can work a profitable government without any flaws of failure. Logistics and strategic knowledge are small parts of the successful war, every nation has its artist or so you call general, so command troops of the nation and show how it’s done with their minds. They exceed many other commanders in character, using inspiration as a weapon of destruction. Leaders are another part of leading soldiers to fight a war, using strategy to physical and mentally make their troops stronger than any average person. Courage, pride, and honor are the traits soldiers begin to inherit and become new people. They become honored soldiers of war and start to overcome their foes, using numbers of troops to cause fear as their way through the war, making a feared nation and become a main leader of their society.

By: Norman