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  • Normski

    The Beauty Of War

    February 5, 2012 by Normski

    The Beauty of War War its self is nothing new to ours on this planet, we all have experience it in every way known to man. It has many parts for it to become a beautiful and tragic moment in life, but the people who get hit always stand up and get back on their feet and fight once more for their beliefs. These people are friends, family and even neighbors, who fight for freedom and protection for everyone. War is history, and forgetting it is nothing for these people to forget. Everyone learns about art of war and contribute to the fact that it can cause harm to people, but still do it, for their beliefs. The voices of government choose to fight to protect their nation and destroy others nations and be in triumph for the centuries to come.…

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  • Normski

    Alright to start off, Hello and welcome to my blog. I have played couple games of Fallout,and these games from Obsidian Entertainment© are the most addictive games of my life. When i got one of these Fallout series games and played it, omg the graphics are the far most best and the storylines these games own in every way possible. Alot of people critize the game because it has some minor problems but what games from every game company doesnt have problems with the games their selling, jeez ease up, like I always say to all Haters out there, "Just shutup and enjoy the Game and oh yeah comment".--Normski 05:09, July 12,2011 (UTC)Normski.

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