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Happy Easter, everyone!

As always, thanks to Leea for starting the polls around here.

The ReCap

APR. 7, 2017 - APR. 14, 2017

  • In Memorium
    • Comedian Charlie Murphy (Eddie Murphy's older brother) died at 57 of leukemia.
    • Dan Rooney, chairman of the Pittsburgh Steelers known for guiding the team to its prestigious position of the '80s and beyond, died at 84.

Last Week's Polls

  • What level of destruction would you prefer in a Fallout game?
    • Third answer was normal Fallout game atomic destruction.
    • Second place was New Vegas's style - little to no atomic destruction, but a good deal of post-War decay and ruin.
    • First place was the normal amount of atomic destruction, but a society that has actually picked itself back up for a change.
  • If you play Fallout Shelter, how do you obtain most Mr. Handies?
    • Third place was by purchasing one (only Sakarette has done this, interestingly it's very uncommon).
    • Second place was via a goal reward.
    • Top answer was via a lunchbox reward.
  • Which Fallout game do you enjoy most with mods?
    • Third place was Fallout 4.
    • Second place was Fallout NV.
    • Top result was that you didn't have PC Fallout games or didn't like to use mods.

This Week's Polls

Due to my recent promotion to Patroller (thanks JSP and PNH), I've decided that these polls will be partly used for (in addition to amusement) obtaining semi-useful statistics for Nukapedia, so that the needs of the Wiki may possibly be adjusted appropriately based on user feedback (e.g., which parts of the Wiki need more attention based on how much players use them for information).

Most weeks won't have this many questions regarding simple usage statistics, but this feels like a good place to start.

Do you play any non-Bethesda Fallout games? If so, which one do you play the most?

The poll was created at 18:53 on April 14, 2017, and so far 53 people voted.
If you play Fallout Shelter, how much time do you spend playing it?

The poll was created at 18:53 on April 14, 2017, and so far 50 people voted.
How many times do you generally play through a Fallout game, on average?

The poll was created at 18:53 on April 14, 2017, and so far 51 people voted.
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