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In a rather refreshing change of pace from the usual mindless Vegas drivel, it's time for another exciting edition of the Wiki news digest! And in another refreshing change of pace, it's from everyone's favorite admin, Nitty!

The Vault news

Rich Text Editor removal

After a short debate started by our own Deadlykris, the Rich Text Editing software has been disabled for The Vault. The Rich Text Editor, for those not in the know, was Wikia's new option to the older source editor. Problems with rows being entered into templates, and other glitches that were present, prompted Deadlykris to petition for its removal. As of now, all editors will be using the source editor, which may be a bit of a shock to newer users from other Wikias.

IRC channel rules overhaul

Recently, Ausir and the other two operators of The Vault's IRC channel have expanded on the rules of IRC channel use. Please, be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules, even if you're already a staple of the IRC community. Even if you don't have an IRC client, Wikia also allows you to use its own web client, so be sure to go on down there and introduce yourself!

New administrators

In the time between now and the last news digest, Deadlykris, TrailerParkApe, and Annonnimus have all been promoted to Wiki administrators. Congrats to the three of you, again! As the release of Fallout: New Vegas draws closer, we'll always need more help around here.

Wikia news

Wikia is currently testing the new skin (aptly titled 'New Look') on a few wikis, including the Red Dead Wiki (you first need to enable it in your preferences there). You can also choose to enable the skin here on The Vault, but you won't notice any differences. The New Look will be mandatory for all Wikis, and will require a rather dramatic amount of changes to our vast amount of templates (which directly translates to a vast workload for Porter21). We are holding a poll as to whether The Vault should be given the option to retain our current Monaco skin, so please vote after checking around Red Dead Wiki!

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