hallo, during meine invention of the unique energy weapon 'electric burner'. mainly, this is what i think looks pretty detailed, not like this took 1 minute to do. mainly, the stats that make this more unique, rather than te paintjob and the blue diodes, is that not only it uses MFC's, but it also has a unique critical hit where the target would be in a critical shocking pain (not by electricution, but as if the target is more like sufficating) then all of the body actually explodes, even if you dont have the bloody mess perk on. as a little bonus, it has a 2 round burst fire in vats. the location for this WMD is in a old bunker building (in lonesome road)on the friendly character 'Mike Zestatone", who has turn ghoul and used his addiction to psycho to have better aiming and damage. he will ask if your into electronics, and, with a speach check of 50, will hand you over the electric burner, saying that he killed communist, fixed wires and made toast with it. when you leave the building, you'll hear a gunshot (10mm) and when you re-enter, you'll find his body on the floor, finding that he commited suicide. that is the ending information. any ideas for it, just put in the comments. plus, please DONT be a wikia contributer. i had some drunk one call me a asshole and he got banned by j (danken, friend). as i said, please give me any ideas.