as you may know, there is a pretty intresting picture out there that i have created (for proof, look at my profile page). the deadclaw, one of the most unatural monsters in history (not really), and it was decided i should have a contest. for this contest, i need 30 people to summit a picture made from GIMP (creature, food item,ETC.). the 3 people who have a perfect picture will recive these items(depending on if your n first, second or third):

First place will recive: the picture, a picture of my personal gun and a box of cookies (jk on cookies) second place will recive: the picture third place recives no picture but can tell me to create any photoshop weapon, creature, aid, etc. (only one though)

anyone else wont recive anything but should be proud in trying

from--Nikolai belenski 22:51, August 11, 2011 (UTC)nikolai belenski