Chineses lmg

Real name:Type 765 Lmg (nicknamed:The Beast [By Amricans] Dragon of death [by the Chinese)

Unieque:Dragons Breath.

its like the normal lmg but it packs a little more kick using the 5.56mm rounds it takes many aspects of other weapons (such as the combat shotgun giving it the drum mag) and allowing the user to hold a postion using a tripod (from a sniper) and allows the user to run aroud.

Thought it slows the user it makes up for it quick rate of fire and 120 round mag allowing you to pin an enemy and alowing allies to move up.The LMG use a quick ejection mechanism (simmalar to the weapon That Gun) that alows fro a quick reload by automaticly ejecting the drum mag after depltion of the amunition.

There is 1 modification allowing the mag to use .308 but decressing mag size to incress damage.