New canaanite

aka The Mage of destruction.

  • I live in Central city
  • I was born on April 29
  • My occupation is Cat elected mayor
  • I am nigaru.
  • Bio Frick off

    Jk jk
    Lets a me tell you somethings:

    I watch ian edups (iidubbbz).
    When im in chat i liked to be
    called nigaru.
    Im a dog not a cat my pet human changed and i cant change it back.

    Is that all.....
    Oh yes!
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  • New canaanite

    Type 765 LMG

    May 18, 2017 by New canaanite

    Chineses lmg

    Real name:Type 765 Lmg (nicknamed:The Beast [By Amricans] Dragon of death [by the Chinese)

    Unieque:Dragons Breath.

    its like the normal lmg but it packs a little more kick using the 5.56mm rounds it takes many aspects of other weapons (such as the combat shotgun giving it the drum mag) and allowing the user to hold a postion using a tripod (from a sniper) and allows the user to run aroud.

    Thought it slows the user it makes up for it quick rate of fire and 120 round mag allowing you to pin an enemy and alowing allies to move up.The LMG use a quick ejection mechanism (simmalar to the weapon That Gun) that alows fro a quick reload by automaticly ejecting the drum mag after depltion of the amunition.

    There is 1 modification allowing th…

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  • New canaanite

    New faction

    May 3, 2017 by New canaanite

    This blog is branching off a discussion post I made asking for a new faction

    To create a faction you need to have the things:

    1)Whats there name

    Just whats there name.


    Why are they here

    3)Different or new

    Is it a split off faction or a new one

    4)Ranks and rolls

    What ranks are there and what do the do

    Have a nice day
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  • New canaanite

    New perks

    April 20, 2017 by New canaanite

    Anyone have an idea of what perk should be added? Make up your own or bring one back and let me know the requirements,Lvl you need to be at, And what it does. I have two Guardian angel which every so often in combat you get healed and you need to be lvl 10 with med at 50, And sentry is if you stand in a spot for more than 4 sec you gain +5 to DR and +5 to Small guns,and Big guns and you need to be lvl 13 with a strength of 7. So what's you new perk? Let me know.

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