The Great War

War. War never changes. The human race, a flawed species has conflicted with itself for everything; whether it was for justice, religion, resources, or just simple mad rage. All fought over in a never ending cycle of violence. In 2077, the cycle had finally reached a new feat. When the bombs fell, billions were killed, and the once beautiful planet on which they have lived, turned into a living. But, it was not as the humans expected. Although they succeeded in destroying their world, they had only begun a long chapter in human history. A horrible chapter filled with radiation, violence, and war. War never changes.
Vault 89 entrance

Vault 89 Entrance

Thousands were spared from the nuclear holocaust by entering large underground safe havens known as Vaults. When the vault dwellers emerged from these safe havens, the only thing that greeted them was a dead world. These survivors formed new societies. One group of survivors found their way into the ruins of Pre-War New York City. There, they found the city of New Amsterdam. Years after the creation of this small city, rumors of a glorious place where one could finally escape from the troubles of the wasteland spread. More and more people came to New Amsterdam, hoping for a better life. With its increase in population, the people in this post apocalyptic paradise formed a militia to help defend the city from Raiders, Slavers, and the Enclave.
One group of Slavers, the York Slavers, completely went against the motives of the New Amsterdam’s political leaders. They had passed a law forbidding any resident of New Amsterdam to own any kind of slave. Before this, the city was the main source of their income, but now they are forced to live on table scraps and recycled ammo. They took over the ruins of the old world Statue of Liberty as a sign to slaves that freedom is impossible. There, they are currently planning an attack on New Amsterdam.

Another group that rose to power after the war, the Vault Kingdom, is a legion of Vault Dwellers that originated from the same Vault, Vault 89. This group was based from the Pre-War Elizabethan Era. Although they use almost primitive weapons, the Vault Kingdom is one of the most powerful factions in the Eastern Wasteland. Their goal is to ultimately rebuild the world with their form of an anarchy government. However, since many do not believe this to be a fair type of government, many do not accept it and many conflicts drag out. This story starts in a tower a few miles south from Manhattan Island. This tower holds many residents who cannot enter New Amsterdam, but do not want to live without protection. Their protectors, the skilled fighters: Steve, Hal, and Scott fight endlessly to protect these people from the outside horrors that include Super Mutants, Raiders, and the Wasteland’s many mutated animals. A great misfortune is about to fall upon the residents of Larson tower and many will not survive. Because war, war never changes.

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