I feel like a bit of a loser about it though, because I didn't kill Frank Horrigan myself. Wowee, was that a good game. They sure don't make 'em like they used to. I think I like it even better than Fallout, except of course you have to play Fallout for the storyline.

Now the only game left on the Fallout Collection DVD is Fallout Tactics - off I go.

UPDATE: Well, I haven't started playing yet, because of this error. The game will install, but won't recognise the Fallout Collection DVD as a play disc. I patched the game, still no go, so I got desperate (even more so than usual, that is) and tried downloading a no CD crack. All the cracks I tried failed to work, which left me almost at wit's end.

I've got the game working now (I won't tell you how, even though I feel morally entitled to get a game to run by clandestine methods when I pay for it, which I did) but I'm tired and I wanna to go to bed, so I'll make a start tomorrow.