aka Neb

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on December 9
  • I am Not dead yet!
  • Nebenthe

    Okay here we go. That flag I made, the one that looks like the NCR flag except with a maple leaf and double headed beaver. Yes I know that it has an 'i' where there shouldn't be one, it is intentional. That was intentional from the start, it was never an accident, even in the original versions. It is like how some people in New Vegas pronounce "Caesar" as "Kaesar". You know, just some (stereo)typical post-war stupidity/ignorance/lack of education, something along those lines... Well actually, maybe this was a mistake, but it's not necessarily my own. It is part of the fanfic that I will never write. Maybe some post-war Canadians thought, "Hey, people in India are Indian, people in Australia are Australian, so does that mean us Canadians l…

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