Welcome to the Vulcan legion the territory owned by the one and only vulcan people the last part of pre-war civilization that remains untouched by the war.


      The vulcan people were the first goverment attempt at creating supermutants.They had been given some advatages to help them survive after a nuclear war but they didn't get the same ones as the supermutants or as large of advantages as tht supermutants. They recieved the massive lifespans of their supermutant brothers but they didn't get the radiation resistance that the supermutatns got they also weren't much larger than humans having heights that range from 6ft to 8 ft. They received a larger intelllegence than humans and mutants. There apearence is much diffferent from supermutants also. They are more like a new race of human than a form of mutant they have very pale white skin and have blackish grayish lines that make patterns over all of their skin.
      They became a target of racism by the pre-war population since they were different and feared by many people this caused the goverment to stop testing the virus that created them on people and to leave the vulcans number at an estimated o million nation wide. They eventually began to join together in the gulf commonwealth.They soon became the majority in that region in just 12 years and began to use it as a safe haven for their fellow vulcan people.The vulcans eventually passed a law making the vulcan virus a requirement for all children attending public schools and they had turned almost all of the people within their commonwealth into vulcans or scared them out of the commonwealth. They began to develope technology that would help them surrvive a nuclear war since they considerd the vault -tec to be a waste of time and not made in anyway to help them. So they eventually developede devices that could deactivate or redirect all the bombs that came toward there common wealth they spent billions of dollars o the development and creation of these machines but it paid off since most of their people had made it throught the war and they were able to keep many of their cities intact. 


     They were able to keep a very large militia which also served as the vulcan police force and do to the large survival rate of the vulcans they  were left as the most advanced millitary power  of the wastland and were able to defend there people from external threats from the wasteland very well.they also began construction of a massive wall at their border to help them keep threats from the wasteland out even better. they have a small fleet of ships that they use to travel around the waters to visit and spy of other factions in the wasteland. they have made many attempts to expand and their main enemy is the enclave whom desire to wipe them out and the mutants of the wasteland that the vucans consider to be impure and corrupt humans unlike them whom are purified humans.