• NaztieNate

    The vulcan Legion

    June 26, 2011 by NaztieNate
    Welcome to the Vulcan legion the territory owned by the one and only vulcan people the last part of pre-war civilization that remains untouched by the war.
    The vulcan people were the first goverment attempt at creating supermutants.They had been given some advatages to help them survive after a nuclear war but they didn't get the same ones as the supermutants or as large of advantages as tht supermutants. They recieved the massive lifespans of their supermutant brothers but they didn't get the radiation resistance that the supermutatns got they also weren't much larger than humans having heights that range from 6ft to 8 ft. They received a larger intelllegence than humans and mutants. There apearence is much diffferent from supermutan…
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