I remember it like it was yesterday, it was one of the colder days in Saru’s east Amber being winter as it was. Of course I was only seven at the time but I can certainly assure you I got into a lot of trouble the next following year that came.
    It was four o clock A.M on a rainy rainy morning, I had been put on guard duty by my master Harusei for the first time in my life and was it boring. I began watching the whitened grass plop down each time a raindrop hit them, a few of my feathers fell and blew away once a gust of came by. That was about it! The wind was tormenting my wings! What was I to do?
    Of course like all solutions that came to me so did this one, I would go to the garden and talk to the small Envoy that sleeps there. Yes, that would be what I would do so I stood up and looked to the great barrier that guards our one living area of the east and with that I stepped forward and began to walk.

As I walked further and further away from the gate a strange heavy feeling began to vanish little by little like a weight was being slowly lifted from me. For some reason…back at the gate…it was like I could barely move, what was happening at that moment? This threw me into thinking as I entered the barrier.

    I walked along the stone path ways past the lake that accompanies my home which I live in and into the gate of the garden. This must have been my favorite place in the world at that age, oh how I loved it. The Samaras, Hastas and even the Star seeds and Moon lilies, just all of it made me happy. “Kokiroh!” I shouted as a small fox like creature leapt from a pile of fallen petals in a fright then landed gently on his feet.
    “Sahuri!” He yipped but calming immediately after “What do you want?” A small nervous growl slipped its throat as the weight flew out in an instant and a huge amethyst light burst from the fields.
    “The gate!” he yelled, his ears strait up.
    “Wha…?” I paused with confusion; I really didn’t know what had just happened, what could have happened?
    “The gate! Get to the gate! If you don’t not only could he die, all of Saru may collapse!” His voice was rung with fear as he swiftly leapt into the air and vanished before my eyes.
    “Kokiroh!” I paused for a second then heaved his orders. What was happening right now and what was that light? All I knew was I had to get there and that alone. I extended my golden wings and took off through now storming skies.

The rain was so heavy and I was near to falling but deep down I was sure I was stronger than that and could do anything through my capabilities if I so tried, my wings have always been my strong hold, something that has set me from the others in my house, would they let me down now? I zoomed through the barrier completely unaware what was happening.

    I had gotten their just to see the light fade and not even a trace of the gate I had left behind, and then I remember Kokiroh’s last words before he left “the gate! Get to the gate! If you don’t not only could he die, all of Saru may collapse!” I remembered the great fear and concern in his voice. What have I gotten myself into? What have I done?
    What could I do? My heart was racing with suicidal threats, what could be done? I would have to go to west Garnett and use a portal to Fang. I never used a portal but I was confident that it was going to be alright. No matter what I know he couldn’t have gotten to back to Kirohko or what we call a land of darkness and horror…truthfully I have always wondered what would even be beyond that point, I wondered what it was really like, about the demon’s, their life, their plants, such curiosity…it drives me far and tells me to keep going and now it’s telling me I could be killed doing this but still I wanted the wellbeing of Saru not to be destroyed by my mistake alone.
    I took my first step forward one and two and three but then I stopped only to notice black blood a few feet from where the gate once stood, I bent down. I was once told that the blood of a demon was indeed black just like their soul they would tell me but…somehow I could never believe them and here I am now seeing it for the first time and being shunned by the truth.
    Yes I was scared but I had to give it my all so I flew off and within hours I had reached west Garnett and stood before their city barrier then ran through it without a thought, this place was filled with so much dazzling beauty I almost fell over, I looked to the first woman I saw and ran to her.
    “Miss! Where’s your portal! I need to use it! It it’s an emergency!” I was confident for my age. The older more dominant Angel bent down to me and nodded, she was so beautiful with her long blonde hair and her emerald eyes. I sensed confidence too in her smile but…so much more than I could muster at the moment, meeting her has already made me want to become stronger, she took my hand and swiftly ran. It was like she knew what I did; it was like she knew everything that there was to know about today.
    We stepped inside a nicely shaped stone house not very big in size and walked through to a huge circular mirror even taller then she was, it was tilted in an upward slant with marbled designs flowing like a vast ocean in a distant land. I stared at it with disbelief, and then the angel beside me had a light shining from her wings that flowed gently to my chest.
    I stepped into the portal as she did a few short messages through telepathy. Unbelievable details began to overcome me, strands of gold’s, blues, purples and silvers with an endless white background like somebody may draw in a painting. Glowing creatures waving seemingly across the landless space glided effortlessly along with precise blue eyes to guide them. This was amazing; it was like a separate dimension from my own. I began to notice everything was becoming lesser and lesser till finally all white and then there was a flash of light like no other I ever saw before.

Before I knew it I had literally fallen from the sky my wings! My wings they wouldn’t expand, I couldn’t catch myself, I couldn’t. Right when I thought I would just plummet to my death I channeled my all my Magic within my wings and got myself just in time. I landed gently on the ground and looked around; people were staring, mothers guarding their children, huge metal beasts with people in them stopped to look.

    I slowly and nervously lowered my white diamond tail, these were people? I walked forward on hard square stone like material and looked around once more. I could hear things like what is that? Or what’s with those wings and that tail? My eyes suddenly fixed on one person on the crowd but before I could say something I sensed something, an aura.

The aura I sensed wasn’t strong but the amount of astral energy mixed in with it was phenomenal, I looked in the direction that it led in and began to walk past the crowd of people ignoring their rude remarks, I didn’t mind…they were as different as I was.

    I stepped into a dark dark dead end and then flew onto a house. I could see so much more from this high, from here it didn’t look entirely bad, the people that had seen me resumed like they hadn’t seen me at all and the trees here were beautiful, it was also a warm season at the moment with sun shining on my drenched body. The city was big and I could see the trail must go pretty far.
    I began to fly over all the huge buildings; this place was different from all the perspectives of my land, the colors, the way of life, even the air. It was about twenty minutes before I got outside the city then…there in the field…was a boy.
    He was collapsed a few yards from the city on his knees but as I walked closer he slowly stood up and he looked towards me with a surprised expression on his face. He really didn’t look like a one…but he had the lot of features and didn’t look any older then I was, this was just a fact. He had Amethyst hair at an uneven shoulder length with two small horns growing in, Huge black leather wings and last of all a matching thin long black spade tail exposed from some soaking wet clothing, his cobalt blue eyes stayed locked on me as his expression slowly died. In his hands was the transformed gate. I just thought he was adorable.
    He was panting slightly; pointed ears tilted sideways “Hey!” I called walking over, he backed away as if trying to avoid me, he was nervously blushing. I noticed he had splatters of black blood on his face and a lot on his clothing, he seemed like he struggled a lot, it certainly did show since his breathing was all labored.
    “What? You look like I wanna hurt you or something” I laughed as he finally just stood his ground “You have the gate, yes?” He stared at me as if to conclude a sentence “yeah…” he spoke in a language a little different from mine but for the most part I could understand him just fine. “Please could I have it back? I know it must have been hard to get to the gate to steal it away, but please, Saru may collapse without it…” a long pause broke out between us.
    “No…” he said a little under his breath. “I should have known you’d probably want something in return…” He stared at me, eyes widening a little, the blush expanding across his face. “A pact” he finally spoke, I stared completely lost “a pact?” I really didn’t know what that was but he explained it shortly after the thought “Like a beneficial contract made through an Angel and Devil and or Demon…you will lose your wings as well as I my horns…it will hurt much and is life threatening…will you decline?” He then stood silent allowing my thoughts to trail to the subject.
    I thought about it long and hard and finally before asking myself another question I held out my hand to the figure standing before me, his bangs were shadowing his eyes as he looked to me and laid his upon mine. He began to say words that I had never heard before and when he stopped flames and wind shot from the two of us swirling in a nearly unbreakable force battling in what seemed to be endless, it was so beautiful. When our eyes finally met a extreme pain came over the two of us as our souls reconstructed and linked together, apparently this was not the worst because when my wings burst into glowing blue fragments causing me to scream in agony, of course it was the same with him except for him it was all happening in his head and it seemed like he was in terror.
    When it was all over we both fell to the ground except he stayed down while I got onto my knees “ow…” I whined to myself, he looked at me from a sprawled position in the green grass “y yeah…” He forced himself to say and removed himself off the ground and held the gate out to me. I took it slowly “thank you” I smiled “no, I’m sorry…you can’t go back….”
    “Why not?” I questioned taking a step closer to him, “neither of us can…your wings as well as my horns were the key to entering the two of our worlds…it is something inevitable till they grow back…” he lowered his tail nervously as if he thought I was going to hurt him or something but instead of scolding him for not telling me “Then this world will have to do, don’t you think” I wasn’t going to let a change of plans ruin my life, no, because it was going to be alright sooner or later, I knew that for a fact.
    And here we are now, Angel and Devil bonded together by a pact far beyond the reach of man himself. And this is how the story began…
    “What’s your name?”
    “Sahuri, nice to meet you!”

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