• Naku Tsushiko
    I remember it like it was yesterday, it was one of the colder days in Saru’s east Amber being winter as it was. Of course I was only seven at the time but I can certainly assure you I got into a lot of trouble the next following year that came. It was four o clock A.M on a rainy rainy morning, I had been put on guard duty by my master Harusei for the first time in my life and was it boring. I began watching the whitened grass plop down each time a raindrop hit them, a few of my feathers fell and blew away once a gust of came by. That was about it! The wind was tormenting my wings! What was I to do? Of course like all solutions that came to me so did this one, I would go to the garden and talk to the small Envoy that sleeps ther… Read more >