• NCRsElite

    So during the recent lawsuits that has gone over Bethesda and Interplay, I have been thinking "Why is Bethesda being how they are towards Interplay now? Why are they saying there breaking canon, when Seattle(possible location) has yet to be explored by the Fallout universe? Nothing is going on in Seattle as far as we know." So I think Bethesda is saying this because they are in pre-production of Fallout 4, or the next Fallout game, and it to is taking place in Seattle. But if this is the case, why do they both want Seattle(no offense to Seattle, been there, LOVE IT) why not one do one city, (Dallas, most wanted New York, etc.) Or make, please don't hate me, a Fallout prequel telling us about stuff that happened during or before the events …

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