First, let me just throw this out there: I have played Fallout 1 and 2, and have seen what the "true Brotherhood" is like. I must say, however, that I vastly prefer the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel for the simple fact that they, unlike the other Brotherhood Chapters, are not dying out.<break></break> Look to New Vegas for an example. The Mojave Chapter is a good representation of the original Brotherhood: Tech for tech's sake. Don't worry about the people. But look at their relations with the outside, what little they have. They are hated by almost every faction in the Southwest due to their holier-than-thou attitude, aggressiveness, and a habitual tendency of being dicks. That is why they are dying out. If you push everyone away, where will you get new recruits and necessary support from? ---- More importantly, what about genetics? The Mojave Chapter was on lockdown, and regardless of the fact that a select few outsiders can join the Brotherhood, it appears that most new members of the BOS come from WITHIN the BOS. For example, Melissa Watkins. Both of her parents were members of the Brotherhood. How long until inbreeding occurs? ---- Finally, concerning tech. The original Brotherhood focuses almost solely on combat-related technology. What happened to "preserving technology"? Granted, in FO1 they were pretty beneficial to the wasteland, but now they seem like schoolyard bullies writ large. What are the benefits of focusing on combat tech if you never improve it? The Original Brotherhood is stagnating, with basically no effect on the future of the Mojave Wasteland. ---- Now, lets focus on the Capital Wasteland BOS. ---- The changes the Capital Wasteland BOS has made has essentially ensured the chapters survival. Rather than being hated for their stockpiling of technology, the CW BOS are lauded for their altruistic actions in the face of extreme adversity. They have contacts with many different communities and power groups, and the single unbiased source of information in the Capital Wasteland sings their praises loud and clear. Granted, they are rather gruff and short with the wastelanders (and the player, at least until they join them), but that most likely is due to the fact that they are a military organization in a time of war. ---- Because of this generally positive relationship with the outside world, they can get new recruits and supplies pretty easily. Granted, they generally blow through new recruits like a hot knife through butter, but this could mostly be due to the relative inexperience of the recruits and the overwhelming hardships the Brotherhood faces in DC. ---- Finally, the CW BOS supports technology OTHER than purely combat tech. This can be evidenced through the existence of the Order of the Quill, dedicated to history, society, and civil engineering. It is revealed through dialogue in FO3 that Project Purity received substantial assistance from the BOS in actually designing and setting up the facility. Plus, it can readily be assumed that the science lab in Rivet City was set up using technology gleaned from BOS-trained scientists. By actively supporting the growth of Pre-War agriculture and infrastructure, the CW BOS all but guarantees a necessary niche in the future of the Capital Wasteland. ---- Fallout fanboys will tear out their hair and call me a "Bethesda fan", but like it or not, Fallout 3 saved the series. By changing the BOS from a secretive organization to an altruistic one, they guaranteed the survival of the Chapter and secured its place in the Wasteland. The Orignal Brotherhood and the Enclave have died out due to the simple fact that they couldn't change. It is more than a little cliched: " Nice Good guys vs. Evil bad Guys", but i enjoyed seeing a living, breathing organization grow, rather than watch it suffocate under dogma and tradition. ---- Fallout fanboys, rant and rave your heart out! :P