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    Fast travel into Scorpion Gulch and find the wastelander who is either already dead or about to get attacked by Bark Scorpions. If he is alive wait until the scorpions have killed him and then search the body for a 'Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Bottle Cap'. Fast travel to Novac and wait three days, then fast travel back to Scorpion Gulch and repeat the process. The wastelander will always have a star cap on him whether he is alive or dead and you can keep repeating the process until you have gained the 50 caps which are needed for the 'The Legend of the Star' side quest.

    Since there wasn’t much stuff here I added some other stuff so I didn’t waste a blog.

    Guide to remnants power armor. (NOTE: this is copied off of my own my blog, That I made I a…

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    Best Weapons and Armor In Fallout New Vegas.

    My take on the best guns (more slanted towards guns rather than energy weapons). If I'm wrong in an area, feel free to point it out We can debate.


    Best All-Around Gun (easy to get ammo, easy to repair, and so on): - This Machine - also Riot Shotgun (or Dinner Bell if you have less strength)

    Best All-Around Energy Weapon: - Pew-Pew

    Best Sniper Rifles: - Upgraded Sniper Rifle - Gobi Sniper Rifle - YCS/186

    Best 1HKO Damage: - Anti-Material Rifle

    Best Pistol: - Alien Blaster (if wild wasteland) - Pew-Pew (if energy weapons) - Ranger Sequoia (if using guns)

    Best Weapon To Conserve Ammo, Kill Trash: - Maria - Weathered 10mm

    Best Fist Weapons: - Ballistic Fist - Pushy

    Best Melee Weapon: - Chainsaw - Oh B…

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    1. 1.Farming

    Go out with as little armor, weapons, and miscellaneous items as possible and go looking for enemies to kill. Take their loot and then sell the loot to suppliers on the game. In Tenpenny Tower, You get a lot of ammo if you kill everyone and loot them. If you've already done this, then look for Fort Independence and kill everyone, then go to a little storage room with a missile launcher which does 30% more damage upon exploding, and you get mini-gun ammo and power armor. Enclave soldiers also carry good loot if you can kill them. Their power armor and laser rifles are rather expensive; I make, like, 500 caps off of just two Enclave soldiers, so if you do that for 10 minutes you might get 3000 caps.

    1. 2.Stealing and Scouting

    Stealing fr…

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