Fallout New Vegas Guide: Snowglobes: The first snowglobe is in The Strip. As soon as you walk in The Strip, head on over to The Lucky 38. Go to the elevator when you walk in, head to the cocktail lounge. As soon as you arrive, turn right, look at where all the drinks are stored. When you look you find the "Test Site Snowglobe". The second snowglobe is also on "The Strip". On "The Strip" it's located in the "Vault 21 Hotel". As soon as you enter the giftshop head into "Vault 21" rooms and you find a door that's locked (average), lockpick it, then go to the small desk next to the bed and the "The Strip Snowglobe" is there. The third snowglobe is in "Freeside"(The Old Mormon Fort). As soon as you enter head northeast of the entrance, there's a door that spawns you inside "The Old Mormon Fort", head upstairs, then look on the crates and you find "The Old Mormon Fort Snowglobe". The fourth snowglobe is in the "Goodsprings Cemetery". Head on top of "Goodsprings Cemetery". In that location head where you were buried, turn left and you have the "Goodsprings Snowglobe". The fifth snowglobe is in "Nellis AFB". After dodging bombs from "Boomers"(faction), head for the "Nellis AFB Museum". As soon as you walk in, turn right there it is, right on the table. You have found a limited edition snowglobe of Mojave landmarks. The sixth snowglobe is in the "Hoover Dam" visitor center, head for the desk, at the terminal next to it you have collected the "Hoover Dam Snowglobe". The seventh snowglobe is in "Jacobstown". Head straight for the main building, as soon as you walk in head to the reception desk and the "Jacobstown Snowglobe" is there. If you return to the Lucky 38 and give all seven snowglobes to Jane, she will give you 14,000 caps.