• MurderingMcMurphy

    Playing through Fallout New Vegas again made me realize that there were very few, if any really scary enemies and the better equipped you got the less scary the game became. Personally I'm a big fan of Deathclaws, but it's hard to find them scary when you're perched on a rock, five hundred yards away armed with a .50 caliber rifle loaded with match rounds.

    So.. I asked myself.. What's scary?

    A Deathclaw is scary.. But only up close, and when you're poorly armed.

    So what's needed is long range capability and enough power to penetrate a player's heavy armour.. so I gave him a .50 caliber machine gun.

    That was a good start.. but he needed something to really strike fear into his opponents and make them dive for cover.. so I gave him a mini nuke l…

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