we all know them we all probably hate them, the children of atom in fallout 4 are the worst considering they have gotten a upgrade from the past fallout games. now i am making this little blog for relativly new players to the fallout franchise. in fallout 4 they are deadly, most of the ones you encounter will be hostile and attack with gamma guns so be sure to either have a bunch of rad away or be in T-51B power armor but thats just my prefrence.

Next up we have the fallout 3 group now frm the ones i encountered they were peaceful or mostly anyways they didnt care for you ow in the holy water quest (not sure of its name its been awhile since fallout 3) they were poisoning the aqua pura and have somehow obtained a glowing feral ghoul and a reaver ghoul but anyways they arent really harmful in fallout 3 unless you provoke them