aka the mug guy aka muggy

  • I live in Big M.T
  • I was born on October 19
  • My occupation is i buy mugs in exchange for stuff
  • I am I identify myself as a securitron AI
  • Bio I identify as a apache helicopter

    This bio will only make sense if you are from the fallout wiki
    There are only memes here

    Being mod could be nice

    They're my memes

    Go away

    No stay back

    I have over 100 confirmed kills

    1: you will read this
    2: you're reading this
    3:stop reading this
    5:fine go ahead
    6: did you notice number 4
    8: what about 7


    You're a filthy casual aren't you

    How much time have you wasted

    Birthday: March, 6th

    Your friendly neighborhood jackass but I'm a nice jackass

    Have you seen the movie chef

    My name chef

    Rainbow six siege is pretty kewl got to platnium and im now level 130ish

    Shrek is love shrek is life


    something i still don't understand is most internet slang

    Cod ww2 is fun

    Destiny 2 looks nice for being locked at 30fps


    Pink life

    Joji vlogs

    Something something hey thats pretty good

    My bio is now a meme land

    I am a meme

    I breath memes

    Leeeeeets get riiiiiiiiiight into the news

    Life can be a kick to the balls so kick it right back

    Weirdly I forgot to put a friends list but what's the point I only have what like 3
    1. President autumn(he be gone for long time)
    2. Urbanange1(weird Australian
    3. SSJ3(chill guy)
    4. Thelaatsurvivor(i dont know)
    5. Hauganz(something
    6. Mcswaggin(im not even trying to make something funny now)
    7. You. Wait no scratch that

    Welp this is version 2.0 with less links because I don't have them anymore I am not getting them

    Best video about politics well it slowly transitioned to politics but whatever

    Future game idea
    Check out this Discussion post on Fandom

    Laats 3000th post
    Take the quiz

    The quiz about me

    The weirdest shit ever
    If it's not there then it was deleted

    My new series:

    First episode

    Episode 2

    Episode 3
    Some stuff about me:
    I AM GOD

    Favorite games

    Call of duty: world war 2 (waw is better)
    Fallout NV
    COD MW2
    COD MW
    COD MW3
    COD BO2
    COD BO1

    PSN: wanderer215











    Fuck off m8
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  • Muggy215

    the children of atom

    August 26, 2016 by Muggy215

    we all know them we all probably hate them, the children of atom in fallout 4 are the worst considering they have gotten a upgrade from the past fallout games. now i am making this little blog for relativly new players to the fallout franchise. in fallout 4 they are deadly, most of the ones you encounter will be hostile and attack with gamma guns so be sure to either have a bunch of rad away or be in T-51B power armor but thats just my prefrence.

    Next up we have the fallout 3 group now frm the ones i encountered they were peaceful or mostly anyways they didnt care for you ow in the holy water quest (not sure of its name its been awhile since fallout 3) they were poisoning the aqua pura and have somehow obtained a glowing feral ghoul and a r…

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  • Muggy215

    so this is the website

    August 25, 2016 by Muggy215
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