IGN recently published an article on the gambling aspect of Fallout: New Vegas.

"Once you reach downtown New Vegas there are a host of casinos where players can try their hand at slots, blackjack, and roulette. So far Bethesda has revealed six casinos including Lucky 38, The Strip, Gomorrah, Vault 21, The Ultra-Luxe, and The Tops. Each of these locations has their own house rules, so you'll get a different gambling experience depending on where you play. There are also three different currencies to match the warring factions in the game so along with bottlecaps you'll be trading between coin and NCR dollars when you hit the casinos.
In addition to the table games, the article teased another type of gambling that wasn't being discussed just yet. We don't know what it is, but considering the Fallout Universe there's a good chance it'll be violent and depraved."

Also some more on dialogue!

"Finally, the article also teased a new dialogue option that opens up especially for characters with below-average intelligence. These "dumb" responses don't always have a negative outcome and can even be beneficial."

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