• Mro78


    working on an enhanced version of the extremely helpful damage/AP table for weapons to include the average damage a weapon does for 1 VATS round when you factor in critical hits for 5x,4x,and 3x weapons with 10 luck and the finesse perk (15%), plus the 3% you get from the wasteland survival guide reward (total of 18%). I also take into account the value of the better criticals perk and added that in a seperate list.  I am also adding in the effects of pyromaniac and iron fist x3. I want to see which is the ultimate weapon. I will also do the atomic disintegrator because of the damage per ap even though it's only a 2x multiplier. Will take the reading at 85 action points plus  Ledoux's hockey mask, action boy/girl, an ap raising armo‚Ķ

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