ps3Icon ps3 This involves Father Elijah Having a bug issue with the forcefields, as the shields are apparantly supposed to retract upon death. here's a workaround for this issue: "Required items: Any kind of landmine, about 5 should suffice but the more the better." To avoid this bug, you will want to take whatever you want from the vault "you'll want to do this, as you won't be able to go back in afterwards unless via console commands on PC" As you exit the vault, spread mines out across the walkway from the vault door to the forcefield. you'll want to this, as there's little to no way to kill elijah after you get through the forcefield. the only other way is by redirecting the turret's firing parameters by hacking into the terminal (Very Hard) inside the vault. Although if you really want to get the in-game achievement, you'll have to use the mines, as the turrets are considered neutral. Once you lay the mines, walk into the forcefield until Father Elijah deactivates the forcefield, providing plenty of time to get on the destination side of the forcefield before he reactivates it, even if your over-encumbered, which WILL be the case if you got all the gold bars.the best way to make use of the mines is to place a small pile of at least two mines at the forcefield for elijah to step on as he walks out, this should instantly kill him. if this fails, the other mines should finish him off. the mines are yours, so any kills they make are as if you killed them yourself, so you'll still get the xp, the achievement and the kill to continue the quest. Using the turrets to kill him will only provide his death. you will not get his low-durability gauss rifle or his robes, but no worries, you can get the robes at the bunker when you return. the gauss rifle can also be found elsewhere, and is not a unique item. so far, this is the only workaround for the forecefield bug.