I am going to post most of my fallout adventure to help make this blog i have made a new fallout file called blog. Dont expect a great detailed or well written story.It will all be in note form because i would much rather play the game than spend hours on end on this blog. I apolagize in advvance for any typos if you find one just ignore it if you have no idea what it says or means contact me and i will help you. I will try to update regulary and this is not on hardcore mode.

Finshed all of the docs bull and have headed out into the town of goodspring armed with my trusty 9mm pistol Headed to the general store and bought a 9mm scope and sold some of the stuff i took from doc mitchell. Made my way to the the saloon and spoke to sunny smiles she took me to the back of the sallon gave me a varmint rifle and told me to shoot some sarspillar bottles wasnt much of challange. she then took me to kill some geckos then more geckos and the some more geckos wasnt very hard but her dog did not make it through the battle. I then went back to the saloon and eavesdropped on trudy and joe cobb. i then spoke to trudy after joe had left i she told me about a guy called ringo and that he was hiding in the abandond gas station. Went to ringo and offerd him my help and he then told me to get some help. so i headed back to the saloon and recruited sunny she told me to convince trudy to joing as most of the people of goodspeings look up to her. she joinded and said she would help my militia by convincing some of the folks to join. I couldnt convince easy pete or chet to help. got some stimpack from doc mitchell and asked victor to help and he said yes. headed back to ringo and said i am ready shortly sunny came running to me and said the powder gangers are here. the battle lasted about 3 minutes with no casulties. ringo thanked me and gave me 100 caps. played a game of caravan with ringo i lost 53 caps. asked trudy if there was any work i could do she said if i fixed a radio she would pay me ans set me up with some discount i did as asked with a repair skill of 20. i then left goodspring to continue my journey asked