Welcome to Fallout would you rather!

So turns out you people kinda like FWYR so today I bring to you Fallout would you rather #2, it's like FWYR #1 but ever so slightly different.

Last Monday I asked you normal human beings what abnormal human being you would rather be, and the results were......

4th place was a lobotomite, I guess botched lobotomys are going out of fashion.

3rd place was a feral ghoul, because having a decaying body and mind isn't so bad.

2nd place was a ghost person, I guess if you're going to be stuck somewhere for all of eternity it might as well be a casino.

1st place was a super mutant because SHUT UP STUPID HUMAN!

I also asked what weapon you would bring back and you said......

3rd place was the Laser RCW because the automatic laser rifle isn't enough you ingrates.

2nd place was the 9mm pistol because the 10mm pistol isn't enough you ingrates.

1st place was the Anti-materiel rifle because the HUNTING RIFLE ISNT ENOUGH YOU INGRATES.

And finally I asked what you would rather be hit in the stomach by and the results were......

Tied 3rd place was a super sledge and a power fist because lethal weapons couldn't hurt too bad.

2nd was a super mutant fist accompanied with comments threatening to do unspeakable things to said mutant with a ripper.

1st was the prydwen falling out of the sky for reasons I cannot fathom.

Now that last week is out of the way I ask you......

Would you rather

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Would you rather have as a pet

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Would you rather

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Thanks for voting This was meant to be out yesterday sorry (pls don't lynch me it wasn't my fault)

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