1) Jump off the top of Rivet City into the water.

2) Kill a Behemoth with a Chinese Officer's Sword.

3) Become Batman with 100 unarmed, Talon company armor and helmet. Vaguely resembles but yeah you still can punch a super mutants head off.

4) Make a pile of empty whiskey bottles in your house. Beat Dukov at his own game.

5) Mezz Eulogy Jones.

Fan Submissions

  •  Take your anger out on Yes-Man (but not the user) - Yellow 94
  • Lay lots of C-4 and mines in front of Crimson Caravan Gate, shoot Ringo, watch everyone flee toward the gate, then watch them explode - Swarnian94
  • Get an Antimaterial Rifle with incindiary ammo, then get a minigun with Armor Piercing ammo, then kill any enemy with ease - Vault Soda