1) Knock a fiends head off with Nephi's Driver

2) Beat every creature in the Thorn ... unarmed.

3) Dress you and Raul in Sheriff dusters and Cowboy hats and wield .44 revolvers. Then duel at the El Dorado Dry Lake. Playing The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly theme song adds to the effect.

4) Shoot a car so it catches on fire, go into 3rd person and slowly walk away from it. Makes you look pretty awesome.

5) Trespass into someones house just to drink from their toilet.

For those of you who read the last one, your aware that I'm starting a "Fan Submissions" section where I make a list of all the ones you guys suggested me to try. I cannot give credit to those who are named An Anonymous User but I will present them.

1) Shoot the Experimental MIRV straight to the ground - Soundfilter

2) Shoot a turret with a Dart Gun - NudeCarrot

3) Kill Caesar while unarmed. - RiftJargon

4) Fight Lanius with a Bumper Sword.