Bow before me! For I am Caesar, almighty leader of the infamous Caesar's Legion! You ask that you become one of my great Centurions? Well you must pass a few task and challenges before I bestow you that position. These challenges will show how well you fare against the wasteland under different circumstances. These challenges will not be ones that will spoil your adventures by making it just plain harder. No, these challenges will make your adventures more unique, fun, and memorable! So honor me by completing these challenges, and join the high ranks of my Legion!

Fallout 3/ New Vegas

Wanderer's Creed

1) You may only reload saves that were made inside of settlements (anyplace housing 5 or more default friendly NPC's) after you die.

2) When you die, you must drop everything you own except for 10% of your caps. You may store things in your house.

3) You may only Fast Travel between settlements (same description as above).

Objective - N/A

Purpose - It helps gives traveling more meaning, giving more danger to the wasteland as well as giving settlements more comfort. My personal favorite.

The Survivalist Challenge

1) Once you die, your character dies as well. This means you can only die once, and that's it.

2) You may only carry 3 guns, and 2 sets of armor/clothing, and 2 sets of headgear.

3) *New Vegas Only* You must have Hardcore Mode enabled at all times.

Objective - Achieve Level 20

Purpose - It makes it more difficult to survive, giving more emphasis to the survival aspect of the wasteland than before.

The Elder Scrolls Challenge

1) You may only add skill points to skills you used the previous level.

2) You may not use Small Guns (or Guns).

3) You may only have 1-2 Perception.

Objective - N/A

Purpose - Replicate some of the themes from the Elder Scrolls series.

Do you feel like the should be more challenges? Suggest some, while I come up with more as well! Feedback is welcome.