Location: The Northeast Wisconsin Area

"The area in and around the Lake Michigan shore was virtually untouched by the nuclear aresenal of the Chinese, but that doesn't mean the area is still safe. Radioactive fallout spread from other, nearby strikes, making the area dangerous. But like other regions in the Wasteland, humanity lives on. Problems between the populace and the local mutants, raiders, slavers, and countless others are prevelant, but they all pale in comparison compared to the emerging conflicts between the newly formed Coalition of Northern Republics, and the small yet powerful group known as the New World Order."


The area that was around the Lake Michigan shore, once known as North East Wisconsin, was never directly hit by nuclear weapons. But the radioactive fallout of several nearby strikes has seeped into the region through wind and river sources, leaving several areas of the region extremely toxic. After the re-establishment of the remaining shards of civilization, the region has become known as the NEW Wasteland, or NEW Region. The NEW Region stretches from the Pre War cities of Kewaunee to New London from the East to West, and Fond du lac to lower Marinette from South to North. In a way, it is much like the Point Lookout are near the Capital Wasteland, with trees and plants still florishing. Agriculture is still important to the area, with herds of brahmin and fields of plants spread among the region. Most is used by the producers, but occasionally, surplus is sent to other ares far from the NEW Region. Pre War culture is still practiced here. With 60% of the ghoul population being Pre War, local culture was spread by them through out.

Lake Michigan Shore

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Real life Lake Michigan Shore

Lake Michigan was once part of the magnificent and beautiful Great Lakes. The waters were once renowned for their fishing and fresh water, but now they are one of the deadlier locations in the NEW Region. The shores are even more dangerous, as they have become a congregation ground for the many dangers of the lake. Raiders, viscious dogs, raving ghouls, super mutants, and a type of mirelurk descended from local catfish. Indirect harm can come from barrels of washed up nuclear waste, cesspools of filth, and long forgotten traps.

Even with all of the dangers, there are pockets of life. The small settlement of Carl's Wharf, a settlement completely built around fishing and trade, is the largest pocket of civilization on the shoreline. It was one of the first settlements to join into the CNR, and their presence is heavy: patrol boats protect fishing trollies in the sea, while CNR police forces patrol the shore and town. The town's food export is one of the principal food supplies for the CNR military through out the NEW Region.

Derelict boats, docks, fishing shacks, and light houses also dot the shore, offering shelter for wasteland recluses, settlers, and even more of the unrully groups of raiders and ghouls. Because of the relative danger of Michigan Shore, Pre-War treasures are abundant and are oppurtunities for money are everywhere. CNR patrols can occasionally be seen searching for some of these Pre-War relics, and so has the New World Order.