2300..... The Liberty Wasteland War.War Never Changes. its been approximately 23 years since the Vault 101 Dweller sacrifies his life to give people fresh waters. but...There's someone who takes all the water supply. People calls himself as The President.nobody ever saw his face. You are an Enclave Officer that have fled from Raven Rock Base... you're going to meet an old friend. after you meet him, the world never been the same again because war, war never changes


After you fled from Raven Rock, you have an invitation from a friend at the Liberty Wasteland. Says its very urgent, so the problem is someone's been taking all the waters. now you must take it back, and release or keep the Liberty wasteland from the hands from its overseer, The President. but, conquering the wasteland without any help is hard, but possible.

Characters of fallout 4

  • The Officer

The sole survivor of Raven Rock and the Player Character. He/she fled from Raven Rock Base after a visit from the Lone Wanderer. after that, he/she embark on a journey to the Liberty Wasteland to visit an old friend.

  • The President

The water monopolist of the Liberty Wasteland. Once, he was a great scientist in the Commonwealth. He was working in a water treatment facility in NYC, his mission in there is to purify the waters of NYC but, after the lone wanderer activates project purity, and the waters finally purified. feel that his work is useless, he seek revenge for Project Purity's creators..


  • Brotherhood of Steel Liberty Chapter

After the Brotherhood’s victory at the capital wasteland, Arthur Maxson, the last descendant of the great Maxson Dynasty march to the wasteland to gain power by conquering the liberty wasteland. They swore to protect the liberty wasteland from the opposing faction.

  • Ghouls of Liberty

The remnants of New York City citizens, they exposed from high radiaton after the war. And make a group of their own. They seek destruction of those who wants to destroy the Liberty Wasteland..

  • The Commonwealth Scientist

They come from the Commonwealth, the New Massachusetts. And their cause in the wasteland is still a mystery..

  • The Keepers of Atlantis

They are the dwellers of Vault 360, They're Vault was part of the Vault-Tec experiment.It was made to be submerged underwater.Their leader was a ZAX Supercomputer named Plato.The experiment was to see how far they would go to protect him before they decided to take charge. And then you come to decide their fate...


  • Mother Liberty Statue

Once a great monument from the French, now becomes The President’s Home and Sanctuary. Deep in those towers lurks a great mystery…

  • Empire State Outpost

The Brotherhood fights the Commonwealths to death to obtain this magnificent building, And it becomes their home in the liberty wasteland.

  • Vault 140

One of the Vault-tec vaults and the Vault experiment, this vault is an Armor-making facility. some of the West-Tek employees resides in this vault.

  • Vault 360

An underwater Vault that has been sealed from society,because they trying to protect their most precious from the up-worlders


  • Deathclaw Leather Armor

A Leather Armor that made from a Deathclaw skin. hard as a Combat armor, light as a feather

  • Enclave Stealth Armor

When the Chinese makes their stealth apparel, america tried to copy this by making Stealth Boys. But, some of the china scientist that have been kept hostage forced to make its superior form, the stealth suit with enhanced armor that able to sustain heavy damage.

  • Liberty Ghoul Combat Armor

Modified combat armour with specifications made for living in irradiated NYC.

  • Coolant Combat Armor

Since the Nuclear Reactor went overload in 2065, the people of the Liberty Wasteland suffers from severe heat. This armor is equipped with an energy cells that generates a cooling device from the armor. This armor is very common in the Liberty Wasteland.

  • Vault Power Armor

A T-45d with some upgrades from Vault-Tec!.Comes with a Power fist for an arm.

  • Atlantic Power Armor

An old diving suit combined into a power armor by vault 360's scientists. its designed to breath underwater and combat


In the Liberty Wasteland, the energy weapons are much more common than guns.

  • P.L4 Plasma Automatic Rifle

the usual plasma rifle but shoots like an assault carbine

  • P.C0NC3P7 Plasma Repeater

An Old World design combined with Future technology, behold a cowboy repeater that shoots plasma projectiles!

  • P.87K Plasma Handgun

comes with a low price of 100 caps,but this little guy kicks ass

This is not finished


  • Yggdrasil

a walking tree, it can kill you by its poisonous branch and knife-sharp leaves.

  • Zilla

A humanoid whale that lives near the river, it the size of a super mutant and uses its powerful melee attack

  • Mind-Controlled Octopus

The Keepers have advanced technologies, one of them is mind control. this octopus is an example to their technology. its ability is shoots a thick,slimy ink that makes people blind.

  • Synthetic Soldiers

Personal bodyguards of the President, they are more like superhumans rather than a normal humans, they only attack someone who threatens the president, rather than that, you're saved,........ for now.

  • Mirelings

A black, slimy creature that sucks blood. beware when it closes to you, it will suck your blood with its mouth.A fire-based weapon is very effective on this one