aka Gaz

  • I live in Rapture
  • My occupation is A Loving Father
  • I am Subject Delta
  • MrGazzo

    2300..... The Liberty Wasteland War.War Never Changes. its been approximately 23 years since the Vault 101 Dweller sacrifies his life to give people fresh waters. but...There's someone who takes all the water supply. People calls himself as The President.nobody ever saw his face. You are an Enclave Officer that have fled from Raven Rock Base... you're going to meet an old friend. after you meet him, the world never been the same again because war, war never changes

    After you fled from Raven Rock, you have an invitation from a friend at the Liberty Wasteland. Says its very urgent, so the problem is someone's been taking all the waters. now you must take it back, and release or keep the Liberty wasteland from the hands from its overseer, Th…

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