Honest Hearts and Old World Blues. The two main talked about DLC's coming out. Seems nobody cares about Lonesome Road. This is my first Blog Post here and I wanted to make it a big one. The description of the DLC talks about how some of the mutants of the Mojave "came to be". Now the main topic of this post is not how they "came to be", but moreover which mutants they are talking about. Now only one hint is given in that description, the Mojave Wasteland.

This means that they are talking about Mojave Exclusive Creatures, they have to be talking about creatures that we have seen so far and its likely a few new creatures will be seen. So which creatures are they?

Well here are the Mojave Exclusive Creatures:

  • Bighorner - This isn't likely as they were probably created the same way that Brahmin were, but maybe they were created because of a lack of Brahmin in the Mojave. Or maybe The Couriers Captives aren't evil and created the Bighorners because they are good, because you can team up with them?
  • Nightstalker - This seems to me the most likely creature to be created at the Big Empty. I mean it just makes perfect sense, if your captives are evil and they want to take over the Mojave then bombs away at this. If they're good, then they wanted to create guards that could help enforce the Mojave. Either way they are probably a failed experiment.
  • Cazador - Its the same thing as the Bighorner, probably created how a Bloatfly was created. Then again, its still possible and maybe for the same reasons as the Nightstalker.
  • Spore Plants and Carriers - Its possible but also not possible.
  • Lakelurk - Same reason as the Nightstalker, except for the good part, I think they were created as enforcers and when the Big Empty people kidnapped the Courier they might try and make him a Lakelurk but "perfected".

Story: The creatures that are new in Old World Blues have broken free of their "cages" by Odysseus (I think) or somebody else in the hunt for the Courier. Then the Courier is kidnapped, tried to make perfection to stop Odysseus and then he joins forces with them and decides to stop Odysseus without becoming perfected. Or its the other way around and its Oddyseus that kidnaps the Courier and somebody else that frees the creatures that have never-before-been-seen.

What will happen after the DLC, you will see these new creatures around the Mojave and the creatures created by the Big Empty People will become more common.