Okay, so it's known that because of how Interplay's fundraiser is setup, they already have money to make Project V13, right? Well, money to create a tech demo to show publishers that is. If you look on Interplay's InvestedIn page you will discover that Black Isle Reborn has raised $6590 for their tech demo. This is a decent amount of money, I'll say. As an indie developer on Unity, getting this much money would have been a dream come true three years ago. While it is enough to fund a small game, I don't know if it is enough to ensure that this tech demo works out properly. From what I have heard on the Black Isle Forums, from my friends who did invest, things are actually going quite good for Interplay and they have plenty accomplished so far in terms of design. So far, just sticking to this money, Black Isle Studios can make a successful tech demo but not a game on the scale that they were talking about.

But this post was not about acquiring money to make a good tech demo, it was about getting money to make the game, which they have recently got. Although all the money they got from Bethesda likely went down the drain saving the company, the money they got from Topware did not. Although the bright side of the news reported by was not that bright for Topware, it was for Interplay. You see Battle Chess, which I doubt is still in development as I believe Subdued Software bankrupted, was not going to release for two reasons. A lawsuit with Southpeak's Topware is the first reason, and a failed Kickstarter is the second.

To put this story short, Interplay has acquired 200,000 plus interest from Topware to work on Project V13 for. Had this conflict come to an end earlier, Battle Chess would have been released. Given the InvestedIN money in addition to this, Interplay has enough funding to release a good game based off the concept that they have thrown in. Although I do not agree with Interplay's BIMAR methodology, I do agree with a certain fondness that the concept of this game is peculiar and something that I would like to try out. Having a little over $20,000 is sure to be good for the Interplay morale and with a developer like Chris Taylor at it's lead, I do believe that this game, no matter how horrid the Caen, could turn out to be just fine. --Mr. Youtube (talk) 23:39, February 23, 2013 (UTC)

Muhammad Yafiz Khan