Okay everybody,i know that there are a lot of topics like this,but i want to mix all the ideas and your opinion on the next Fallout Game,i will split the topic in a few "sections":Place,Factions,Main Quest,Character,Main Facts(like war,invasion in the past,destroyng tribe,an ancient structure,an NCR precedent invasion and some other stuff) Place:when my friends ask me where the new Fallout will be placed I usually answered New York,and here in this wiki a lot of people thinks like me,so New York City will be the most probable of the settings,we know from the fallout Bible that in nwe york there have been a nuclear Meltdown,so maybe there is some kind of high radioactive zone in New York,full of Ghouls and mutants,and there will also be the city around New York,High palace and other intresting stuff.....maybe Under New York there was a Vault like in Los Angeles. Another possible location that you suggested is the core region,where Fallout 1 and 2 were placed,here the plot wuyold be focused on NCR administration,things like elections,politic,and other stuff,the third place is Florida,where Fallout Tactics 2 and Fallout Britherhood of Steel 2 where placed,here there will be the Brotherhood,and some kind of Heaven-non radioactive Florida,cause in Wasteland 2,fountain of dreams in Florida there was a fountain to heal mutations,there would also be the Broken Geck,a lot of plants,Miami and a lot of intresting stuff,another Place would be the same of Van Buren,who knows.....the last setting is Europe(im' Italian,so beware,muahahah),the Botherhood of Steel sent via Zeppeling or Aricraft(like Rivet city...)some Colonizers to take the tecnologies in the main cities of Europe,and the playes should help the britherhood in some of these missions,like find the chip,repair this,contact the tribe,make a pact with the tribe,defend theme from the riders,defend the commander,you would also receive some promotions,companions of lower rank.....the Factions would be for New York the brotherhood,powerfull but a little selfish,the commonwalth,with his army of Slave robots,the gangs of New York,Raider like but they can be allied with a main faction to be some kind of police force,the Ghouls of the Nuclear power plant,the creatures of the underground,and maybe in the library some kind of Order of preservator of the technology,the simple population,the high place criminal boss living in high planes,if the place will be the Core region,the main Factions will be the NCR,with elections and police tryng to fight the criminals,the brahmin Barons tryng to keep theyr power,Popiular factions(like communist)that want to help the people,the Wrights,justice like Family,the Bishops,Mafia-like(i'm sorry for my English -.-)and the Brotherhood of steel,and maybe Vault City Racists,or San Francisco Shi,if it will be set in florida,there will be tribals,the brotherhood,the cratures created by the broken Geck,various villages and mercs,raiders,and some kind of US army remnants that will split in many minor clans,everyone with a different positions and with various obiectives,but the president will be soon Europe there will be the Brotherhood,Raiders Villages and other simple populations,Remnants of old Military and police force,communist(comung from Russia,like Metro 2033 and Stalker)and some new populations created by old European Miths,for example old Football Ultras will be militarized and will treat the players like bosses,the Church(that obviously survived....)the nazins and Fascist survivorsfor the moment this are my planes,what do you think?