• Mortebianca000

    Okay everybody,i know that there are a lot of topics like this,but i want to mix all the ideas and your opinion on the next Fallout Game,i will split the topic in a few "sections":Place,Factions,Main Quest,Character,Main Facts(like war,invasion in the past,destroyng tribe,an ancient structure,an NCR precedent invasion and some other stuff) Place:when my friends ask me where the new Fallout will be placed I usually answered New York,and here in this wiki a lot of people thinks like me,so New York City will be the most probable of the settings,we know from the fallout Bible that in nwe york there have been a nuclear Meltdown,so maybe there is some kind of high radioactive zone in New York,full of Ghouls and mutants,and there will also be th…

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