Could the events of Fallout occur in real life?

If your reading this then its probable that you would appeal to the scenario of nuclear fallout because you imagine it to be much like the stories of the world of fallout's post apocalyptic wasteland. before we explore the possibility of north Korea pushing the button and men in power armour turning up on your doorstep with mini-guns you have to accept the fact that fallout is a video game designed to entertain. fallout in no way shows the horrors that can be caused by nuclear war. i dont want to dampen anyone's spirits but that is the grim reality. we ironically see the wasteland as a paradise but in truth the psychological toll is immense. now thats out of the way, lets begin.

Power Armour I think its quite fitting to start with this. it has been fallouts biggest trademark. now im not an engineering genius or even an engineer so me trying to explain this would be futile, so ill allow a youtube video i saw do most of the explanation. for those of you that were too lazy to watch the video or just didnt take it all in it basically says that power armour has already been invented! however, unless this see's mass production for the military in the near future then we may as well kiss our sweet ass t-51b's goodbye.

Mutants The generally used term for radiation born mutants in this case involve growing extra arms/legs/heads/tentacles and all sorts of weird and wacky things. although this concept isnt necessarily true its not that far from the truth either. with this topic i decided to take Chernobyl as an example. these deformities that developed during the aftermath of the accident were most certainly non beneficial to the deformed. if the rare case of radiation causing say an ant to grow bigger then of course natural selection will take place and this ant will mate effectively creating a new, bigger species of ant. this change though will take longer to manifest itself depending on the original species and their breeding patterns. for example mutant rats will be much more likely to appear quicker than mutant panda's. this is because the rat with acid teeth will get all the food and then all the "bitches" spreading its acid teeth gene throughout its many offspring. but dont expect anything much in your lifetime at least.

Nuclear War of course, in order for all this to happen then an actual nuclear exchange must occur. the likelihood of a nuclear attack is very slim. however there are possibilities. the most likely scenario's would be that either A.north Korea pushes the button because YOLO. B.religious extremists get a hold of a nuclear submarine and by firing at key targets causes a chain reaction that forces all/most nations to fire upon each other. however... nuclear exchange doesnt necessarily mean its the end. in the 1980's president reagen started the SDI in liaison of winning the cold war by sending sattelites into space that use x-ray lasers to shoot down enemy ICBM's before they reach america. the SDI although it won the cold war it doesnt mean that all nuclear missiles in the world will be shot down. some will still hit the ground and that means bye-bye old world. if you want the wiki page it's

that's all im going to add today. i might add some more in another post at another time but i cant be arsed for now. if you want to see my last blog post about fallout without any vaults its

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