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You hear rumours that the New Vegas medical clinic is inundated with patients all bearing symptons of a mysterious illness that has struck the Boneyard and it's surrounding area's... while tensions brew between old foes, and new allies.

Fallout: New Vegas DLC Pitch - The Bones of Old

Where are we going?

Fo1 Boneyard Townmap

In this new DLC, we will return to the Boneyard, a large location in Fallout 1 built around the ruins of what was Los Angeles. Death is no stranger in the Boneyard, so named due to the bones that litter it's streets, and the vast skeletons of once busy skyscrapers that dot the skyline, a gruesome reminder of the reality of the war, and it's end.

Dialogue with Razz suggested to the players that despite being part of the New California Republic, those who live in the areas do not live an easy life, one still full of hardships. From this small part of dialogue, I feel we have a large scope to work from.

Only a small area would be explored, due to the vastness of the area. The player would find themselves travelling through broken down cities, remnants of lives come and gone, and coming across the now deprived residents of the Boneyard.

Why have you chosen the Boneyard?

I felt that during the course of Fallout 1, Boneyard had a lot of potential, it was a large enough area, but the quests were rather bland, and all largely about the same thing. Having no ending slide, Adytum and the Boneyard left us in the dark, we had been there, but we have never known what really happened to it beyond it becoming a state of the NCR. A lot was left uncertain. What was the canon fate of the Regulators? Or the Blades?, and then during New Vegas; Why was it hard to grow up in Adytum and the Boneyard?

Unanswered questions that I feel deserve an answer after this time. If we are told that life there is now difficult, then surely there is an opportunity to elaborate further, a chance to revisit a location that saw so little, and make it work seeing.

How does it start?

Drawn by bounties and monetary offers, the Courier will start this DLC at the NV med clinic, where dialogue opens with Usunagi as to what is going. She mentions a small group of Regulators that ferried the ill to the clinic, and if one is lucky, they can be caught before they leave.

The main quest will involve being captured for experimentation, and will result in a form of conflict between the FoTA and the remains of the Regulators. Multiple quests can be done for each faction, and each one offters unique amenities, for example, the Gun Runners are open as a trading center in what is now dubbed the Market, and will look favourbly on those who seek to assist the ill, maybe even offer discounts...

What has changed?

Adytum became New Adytum in the year of 2189, and grew to become one of the greatest cities in the NCR. Although the NCR renovated the ruins as much as they could, portions remain tattered, and shambles. Those who live in Adytum have taken to regarding as their city as it's exact namesake, as a sanctuary, many live in surrounding ruins, struggling to get by on a daily basis, and despite the assistance of a large FoTA presence, struggle to break free from this situation. With the advent of this new found illness spreading through the settlers. The exact nature of the illness is unknown, but the Followers are spread thin and struggling to combat it on it's fronts.

The Regulators maintain a presence in Adytum, albeit weaker than in the year of 2161, have attempted to invoke a quarantine around Adytum, infected are left outside for the Followers to deal with, an action that succeeded. The only NCR left in the area were small inexperienced soldiers and staff, who soon caved under pressure. Despite the forces "protecting" the citizens, outside of their defensive line, gangs once pummelled have arisen once more. For those who live in the husks outside of the main settlement, they live at constant risk of robbery and harrassement by these raider forces, not unlike the Fiends, that wander the streets for pickings.

Anarchy and unrest stirs in the Boneyard, and a struggle wages between the Regulators and NCR, the Followers and the small raider gangs squabbling around. Rumours tell that the gangs are becoming more organised lately, with the arrival of the plague. Many fear they will attempt something drastic, and many resent the NCR for being absent, with no real presence beside their "governor", who is just a puppet of the Regulator masters, a fact that the NCR seem unknown of, even the governor himself is adamant he speaks with his voice alone.


  • 2189: Adytum becomes one of the largest states in the NCR.
  • 2200: Regulators resurface, after going into the shadows with the rise of NCR.
  • 2200 - 2242: Standard of living for the majority increases. Minor scuffles with small scale raider gangs supressed.
  • 2242: NCR-BoS conflict breaks out.
  • 2246: Fleeing Enclave personnel attempt to integrate, backgrounds discovered and they are run out.
  • 2247: NCR contracts the Regulators to maintain peace. Regulators are in power once more. Provisional NCR Governor installed to preside over Adytum and it's immediate areas.
  • 2247 - 2278: Period of peace, with the Regulators in control once more, order is maintained though citizens resent the NCR for reinstalling those who had terrorizes citizens before.
  • 2278: NCR-Legion conflict breaks out. Troops taken from Boneyard for Mojave Campaign.
  • 2280: First instance of the illness.
  • 2280: Followers commence research into finding it and curing it. Tension arises between the conflicting ideas of the FoTA and the regulators.
  • 2281: Courier arrives.

Who's in charge?

The state was largely governed from afar by the NCR through representatives, though with assests being diverted to the war effort, a temporary governor was installed. One of his first acts was to add the Regulators who had only recentely come back fully into public light as his personal guards, and impromptu "protectors" of the town, for those who knew what the regulators were in older days, this came as a heavy blow to their dreams, as once again, they were stuck under a rock by iron fisted guards.

The Followers

Following the state change, the Followers were allowed to establish a university to teach the wasteland, but sadly, they became little more than an over glorified hospital service under the governor, who put them under immense pressure to seek a cure for what was simply known as the plight, a goal they found increasingly difficult to accomplish as time went on.


Retreating the shadows after Adytum fell from their control to the NCR, they planned the day where they would assume control once again, and they would use the NCR to get what they wanted. This played right into their hands, as the numbers of wars being fought by the NCR meant troops were diverted, taken away, meaning less "resistance" would be met the the Regulators, eventually, a governor was installed, and the Regulators made their move.

Proving their superior capabilities, the governor paid them handsomely to act as a security force. Unbeknownst to him, this was an attempt to get at the governor, and it worked. Soon after, it became apparent that it was the Regulators calling the shots once again, and the people knew no Republic would be coming to save them this time.

And there we have it. Corruption, control and plight. I feel that we can do much with this, as I have given just a outline as to the story and what has changed between then and now, as well as a brief outline of what the main quest and any intermittent quests might involve. Trading oppurtunities have been hinted at, as well as perks from specific factions based on choices. All of this combined with a stunning new look given to the town through New Vegas' graphics will, I hope, turn some heads to the Boneyard, from it's beginning's to it's conflicts. I hope my pitch for this DLC, Bones of Old, will be taken into consideration as a new prospective add-on. Thank you all for your time today.
The fate of the Boneyard rests in your hands now...