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F...Father?— The Project

Sycamore Canyon is a derelict pre-war testing facility. In the year of 2241, all that remains of the facility is it's underground laboratories, which has since fallen into complete disrepair, mainly due to a large amount of damage tat the facility suffered when an aircraft lost control and crashed into the range, penetrating the facility. Security robo-brains still patrol the base's corridors, under the control of the experimental AI, which has gained access to their systems.


The Sycamore Canyon Testing facility was a pre-war facility under the control of the US Air Force, acting as a testing range for aeronautical technology under development by various contractors. Before the Great War, the facility was primarily used by Lockreed Industries, who became the main contractor in the year of 2073. They were experimenting mainly in the prospect of unmanned bombers using ZAX technology shared by Vault-Tec at the order of the government. The result of their research was dubbed as Project Triple V.



This is where the Chosen One may enter the main facility, and after collecting the cards scattered around, where he/she may enter the hangar.

Just outside of the fenced area the player will find the long dead skeleton of Dr. Henry Chadwick, the chief researcher. On his body is a tattered note that reveals to the player the existence of a mysterious "project" resting in the hangar.


Fo1 WestTek Offices (Lvl 1)
This is the first level the Chosen One reaches upon descending in the elevator, upon exiting the hologram of the Project will appear, and at first, the Project believes the player to be it's lost creator, Dr. Henry Chadwick, after realising the player is not Henry, it activates the bases security, sealing the elevator and activating the bases few functioning robobrains to seek out the player, while blaring "Unauthorized access! Unauthorized access!".

In the corner of the level, the player may find Tizard's briefcase, which belonged to Roy Tizard, his skeleton rests at the bottom of the locker, it looks as if he died while attempting to reach his briefcase. Inside the briefcase, the player finds a note stating that he was planning to de-activate the Project, as he feared that it was far too volatile to be allowed into the air. 3 cards are mentioned, ones that are required to enter the hangar and de-activate the AI. The first card is inside his briefcase, with the first tattered note.


Fo1 WestTek Test Labs (Lvl 2)
This level was responsible for communications and the control of what would be tested and when, the Project's hologram may be found once again standing in a corner room watching computer screens.

Multiple robobrains and floating eyes patrol this level, and will attack the player on site.


Fo1 WestTek Secure Testing Labs (Lvl 5)
This level of the facility was responsible for testing robotics, and testing the AI programming.


Upon obtaining the 3 key cards, the player can return to the surface and solve a small puzzle to obtain access into the hangar. To access the hangar, the player must insert the codes in a particular order, clues for this combination can be found by reading the notes that accompany the individual cards. Any loot in the hangar the player wants must be taken if the player plans to destroy the craft, as the hangar is not accesible if you choose to do so.

Inside rests the actual aircraft which is also the Project's main AI core.


  • As part of the quest, the hangar cannot be accessed without the 3 cards.
  • The hangar portion of the base will be inaccessible if you choose to destroy the project as part of the quest. However, if the player chooses to disable the AI, the hangar will remain open.
  • Even though the robotic sentries in the base are under the control, disabling or destroying does not disable whatever robots are left in the base.

Behind the Scenes

  • The 3 codes for the hangar (Vulcan, Victor, Valiant) is a reference to the 3 V-Bomber aircraft that served as a nuclear deterrent, and in the event of war, long range nuclear bombers during the 1950's and early 1960's.
  • The names of the researchers (Roy Tizard and Henry Chadwick) are references to two real like aeronautical researchers that have lived, with their real names being Roy Chadwick and Henry Tizard.
    • Roy Chadwick was a Chief Designer for the company named Avro, and was responsible for designing multiple famous aircraft as well as the preliminary designs for the Avro Vulcan, likely the most famous aircraft out of the 3 V-bombers.
    • Henry Tizard was a chairman of the Aeronautical Research Commitee, and was responsible for the supervision and championing of the research and invention of what would come to be known as radar. He was also presented by the government with a request to look into more advanced methods of warfare, in particular the government was looking for research which would help their own nuclear weapons program.
  • Sycamore Canyon is a real life testing facility for the military and aircraft developers. It is located in Northern California.


Sycamore Canyon only appears in Fallout 2.

The character of V (The Project) can be seen here.